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Christmas Holidays Special Hang Gliding Offer!


It's That Time Of Year - Christmas Gifts & Holidays

Tandem Hang Gliding Christmas Gift Vouchers Holiday Specials

Warren Windsports Hang Gliding offers some stress-free fun to add a sparkle of adventure for the 2014 / 2015 Xmas holiday season.

Let's Go Flying with a super special and a competition - available for all Tandem Flights purchased before 31st January 2015.

Make the most of last minute Christmas shopping in the store - buy Tandem flight gift vouchers or store credits vouchers so your gift recipient can choose from a wide range of flight gear, tandem flights, upgrades or even flying lessons.

Warren Windsports is located at Bald Hill, Stanwell Park and tandem flights take in the views over the ocean, coastal drive,  Sydney Royal National Park.

XC FLIGHT from Cambewarra Lookout into the Southern Highlands

Rohan Taylor and NIls Vesk after an unforgettable flight

Flying over the waterfalls of Kangaroo Valley

Early this spring (27/9/14), Sydney hang glider pilots Rohan Taylor and Nils Vesk flew an incredibly scenic XC flight from the Cambewarra Lookout (near Nowra) to Mittagong, in the Southern Highlands.

This would have been an unreal flight, that these two dedicated pilots will never forget. Check out Rohan's story:


Tasmania, here we come!

Tasmania Hang Gliding Drifter Tour

Our Tasmania hang gliding Drifter Tour is now booked out!  -and we have a dream-team going! 
We've recetnly decided on ONE tour, but a bit longer.
So....8 pilots for nine days!

The "new" Toyota Troop Carrier is currently under surgery getting modifications to be ready for the trip...

Wrap up: 2014 Forbes BIG Spring Floater Comp

Rohan Taylor (Sydney Hang Gliding Club), Eye of the Tiger

by Louise Warren

We had an awesome time at the 2014 Forbes Big Spring competition held over the October labour day long weekend.

The 4 day comp delivered 3 great days of flying. And epic weekend of firsts for so many pilots; first thermals, first XC's, first goals, and a huge first place cash prize!



Bought a harness/carabiner in the past two years? Please see the Moyes Newsletter sent today:


A potential defect have been advised by  the supplier of the ‘Delta’ carabiner that we use on all of our harnesses.

From our records we have identified to have purchased the ‘Delta’ carabiner dating from 26th February, 2013 to date.

Win our Fly & Camp Beach Holiday


Buy any new hang glider and enter to win a flying beach holiday!

Here's a chance for either a Sydney or a non-local pilot to use our glider, car, tent and surfboard for 6 days, here in paradise!  This will also include local site guidance, if needed, at our nearby flying sites.

Hang gliding Brasilia 2014

1A flying over the city

2014 Hang gliding video of the Brasilia super race. My favorite place on the planet to race Hang Gliders.

The Dalby Big air 2014


At this time of year there's no place in Australia i'd rather be racing a hang glider than right here in Dalby!

Roadtrip: Stanwell Park Hang Gliding Club pilots head WEST

Sunset Hang Gliding in a Big Sky: Guy Allison, of Taree, on final approach

Hang Gliding Beach Bums go Bush

Check out the photos and see what we got UP to this Tuesday, Wedneday, and Thursday....

Life is about living!  This week, five hang glider pilots ditched work, and invested their time and money, heading 450 km west to gain some new hang gliding skills, and it's alreay paid back.  Besides learning to aerotow hang gliders, the entire crew got to seek, catch, and soar the famous Forbes thermals.

Josh Woods, who was surfing cloudbase for the last two days of the course, said he "will never look at

The Gulgong Aeropark is up for sale

In the moment

Last week we flew again at the Gulgong Aeropark (NSW),  where we had some fabulous flying and camping again.  I love the clear star-lit nights out there.  On our morning of departure, the owner, Ian Harris, dropped a bomb:  and told us that he needs to sell the airstrip due to a break-up of the club/corporation and he won't be able to afford to buy back the remaining "shares" of the Aeropark.

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