185 km task: Racing and drifting low

Topless Hang Glider and it's Moyes Dragonfly tow plane
The Ultimate Tow Plane for Hang Gliders
Rohan Holtkamp and Wolfi Siess with clouds starting to pop
Launch Window about to open for Task 3 of Forbes PreWorlds
Curt, Dave May, and Rohan Holtkamp with day predictions.

Day 3 of the Forbes Hang Gliding Pre-Worlds was another flight for the memory book. The sky started off blue and began to spot with clouds as gliders began to tow up. There was 10-15 knots of tailwind today, depending on how high you were. We had a technical cross wind leg that threaded the needle between two areas of airspace. -5 km's on either side of the course line for about 15 kms.

My excitement for the day was making a low save?, one that lasted forever: as the lift was broken and just enough to keep me aloft, drifting fast, just above the ground for 10kms. My potential landing areas were continually changing. I tired not to look down, but still glanced below spotting wind gusts on the dams, marking the unstable air. It was a slow recovery, but incredibly rewarding, as I got to fly right smack over one of my favourite hang gliding sites, "Binalong", and then race into goal and land with 20 of my friends from around the world.

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Below are interviews at Goal by Dave May:

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