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Hang Gliding Hill 60 Wollongong, Chris takes his first high solo-flight


Day 6 into the Hang Gliding Course, Chris has taken the 200 foot jump. We pick smooth morning NE winds at Hill 60 in Port Kembla. The long empty beach makes a great LZ to wear off the altitude. We use the Wills Wing Condor 220 for the first flight. It's designed to be a forgiving glider that has slow take-off and landing speeds. -ideal and built for students' first high flights.
The second flight we put Chris on the Fun 190

Hang Gliding Instruction photos from Austinmer Beach NSW. Fledglings leave the nest.


Learning to Hang Glide in board shorts....
Perfect 10 knot NE winds filled our wings with a bit of airspeed? for take-off on Saturday.
The students walked away with amazement of how far they progressed through the day. -Well deserved, as they've already had a few tandems and a couple of previous days on the sand dunes.
Here's me testing the air and giving a demo flight

Hang Gliding Instruction: we hand-tow and run the dunes at Stanwell Park


Hang gliding from Bald Hill was off last Thursday and Friday...too much wind and rain but we had a "blast" down on the beach.
Here's Chris (Northern Beaches, Sydney) getting some solo-time, hand towed by me, on the Fun 190 Hang Glider:

It's still blowing 20 knots, so we've got Kathryn (Coogee, Sydney) practicing on the base bar?, too.

Saturday's Tandem Hang Gliding Photos and "The Cloud", Stanwell Tops


Savana from Spain, happened to by passing by on Saturday, pulled into the Bald Hill Lookout with her family and made a spontaneous decision to FLY!
Check out the CLOUD forming as the wind hit the mountain, pushed UP, cooled off, and condensed!

Hang Gliding Refresher Course Photos, Stanwell Tops, Sydney


Adam called us from Sydney on Thursday saying that he hadn't flown a hang glider for four years. -He had just 5 hours of airtime in his logbook.
Later that day, we had him doing some dune training at Hill 60 in Port Kembla, along with a tandem flight.
The next day we flew tandem from Bald Hill, Stanwell Tops and then SOLO-ed him twice!

Checking the windsock:


A "hang-check"...

Flying high... Tandem from Bald Hill


Had to post this pic :)

Christie (Newtown, NSW) and Curt cruising past this maSSive stanwell tops residence.


Come flying with Warren Windsports, Illawarra Hang Gliding school offering tandem hang glide flghts from Bald Hill. Scenic air tours over Stanwell Tops, the Sydney Royal National Park and the Australian East Coast beaches of South Sydney NSW.

Recent hang gliding aerial photos. Stanwell Tops, December 2007


Here are some recent in-flight shots. The Ricoh camera is mounted out on the wing-tip with a wide-angle lens. We've been using the interval timer to snap the pics, but might start using the wired remote option...

No marine-life in this photo, but I'll keep trying! (Paul of Coledale and Curt flying tandem)


-we have seen ALL SORTS of sea cReAtUrEs from above, and will have to start trying to capture some on "film"....

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