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The weather has been beautiful for our XC and aerotow clinics with Alex Cuddy and Jonny skies with light fluffy clouds. The climbs have been nice and soft, too soft at times, but the ground is drying out by the hour. Daniel had his 1st ever Cross Country flight yesterday, on Day 1. Today, Luke had his personal best of around 50km's, flying his new Sting3 154, with a couple of low-saves, getting back up just off the deck.

2011 was a big year

Glass Off

2011 year was a BIG one for seriously flew by. I don't think we could have packed much more hang gliding into it.
Besides our daily tandem flights from Stanwell Park, and our Sydney area hang gliding instruction here's what I personally (not including the rest of the crew!) did in 2011:

LAUNCHing the Online Store

3-2-1 Take Off!

It's here.
After months and months of work in the background, Louise and I have LAUNCHED the Warren Windsports Online Store!

The new online store provides:

  • Price quotes on gear, with and without options/upgrades<
  • Technical information from manufacturers - as well as our own unbiased review<
  • "Pro Tips" from myself and the other WWS Team Pilots<
  • Secure and immediate payment transactions<
  • Expected delivery times<
  • Shipping and tracking confirmation<

The 2011 Hinterlands Drifter Tour Report

Beautiful Clouds

The Hinterlands Drifter Tour mission was: "FLY, TRAVEL, LEARN".  Well...mission accomplished! Jonas Lobitz and I teamed up to always provide one instructor on the ground and one in the air.  We started our hang gliding tour in the Gold Coast at Mt Tamborine, stopped in Manilla for a big chunk of heavy-hitting thermals and then rinsed off the dust at Stanwell on the last evening of the tour. 

2011 Canungra Classic Report

"Big Jon" Durand at Goal

The big trip from Stanwell Park to Canungra, QLD was well worth it, even if we caught a few days of rain/wind during the comp.  There were still some incredible flying days.

Here are some photos from the 2011 Canungra Classic. I'd say the highlight of the comp was a task that took us UP and OVER the Border Ranges, crossing Mt Barney along the way. I had a chance to snap a few shots of Mt Barney.

Towing Off The Grid


Six of my hang gliding students and I recently bailed from Sydney's rat race and headed to the Central Tablelands to fly and camp at Ian Harris' airstrip and solar powered facilty.

Above, screen capture from the video below:  Luke tows his Malibu 188 Bat Wing

I rolled up my sleeves, fired up our Cloudstreet Winch, and went

Coming soon...the Hinterlands Drifter Tour



I've been staying busy lately planning plenty of clinics, comps, and events for the

Dragonflies at the 2011 Gulgong Comp


I just got off the phone with hang gliding pioneer Bill Moyes. Man, that guy is still going full speed. I'm guessing he's in his late 70's, and still clocks in the big hours working in the hang gliding industry.

Above:  Circling up with Jonny in the start gate.  Photo by Jonny

Often, I'll call the Moyes factory to talk to one of his kids, Steve or Vicki, about an order...but end up chatting to Bill because 

Fully Committed...


...these guys learn to FLY!

Photo above: Alun AIRBORNE on his 1st HIGH-solo flight!

Alun and Vancho...learning to hang glide at Stanwell Park!

Man, the pair were put to the test...mentally, that is...on their second solo flight this morning as a couple of hundred

Hang Gliding BrEaKaWaY


Last Monday morning Stanwell had too much wind on launch, so we all loaded up the Hilux and blitzed for the Cronulla (Sydney) Dunes.

In the video below, my man Jonny Cash sings an appropriate song to beat away the Monday blues.

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