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Hang Gliding in Tasmania


Check Anton's video below of his first flight back home in Tasmania. He recently learned to hang glide with us here at Stanwell Park, and is already slaying the coast in his Moyes Malibu!

Hang Gliding Tasmania Video

Photo: Flying Tasmania!  Screen capture from Anton's video below, thanks to "Shark"

3 Hang Gliding Pics from 2010


With wet weather last week, I had a chance to dig up a few more sweet shots from 2010.

This one below has a nice angle looking north looking into the Royal National Park.  It was a spectacular day, with lift everywhere...we were on our way back from Mt Mitchell.  The surf was UP, too, as you can see from all the whitewash below.

Speaking of whitewash, the surf was big here (photo below), too.  It wasn't a day for spotting sea-life, but the waves were mesmerizing....

Stanwell Morning Session


Yesterday, our visiting friends shOOt, act (?), and FLY in a short hang-gliding video (below) as they converge on Bald Hill, Stanwell Tops, for a morning flying session in three different Moyes Malibu hang gliders. Thanks to Jonas and Alex for sharing it with us.

Flying Cronulla


Just south of Sydney, NSW are the Cronulla Dunes:  The best place to be when it's a PUMPING (20 knots on the water) south breeze.  This morning, we all went up to Bald Hill for some tandem flights but found winds over 30 knots.  Six hundred feet lower, at sea-level the winds were down to 20 knots.  

Hang Gliding Extreme Sports

Above:  Jonas giving Alex Cuddy, another advanced pilot, "a hand" on his launch.  

A few seconds later (above):  A fully-comitted launch assistant!  

This flying circus routine was planned for a quick glide down, but Alex couldn't help himself and had to make a turn into the lift band.  Jonas looked "at home" with the flight.  I reckon a small percentage of our tandem passengers actually think THIS is how it works when they open their gift voucher for a tandem flight!

The New Winch Pays Out


Last weekend's hang gliding clinic at Rylstone, NSW, was filled with MUD (after Friday's rain), ICE (early morning frosts), and AIR (70+ tows).

Above: A fun flight in the Moyes Malibu demo glider

The new Cloudstreet Winch, with hydraulic tension regulation, provided some smooth tows, as the Toyota Hilux drove along the grass airstrip.

Beam Me Up Stevey


Eight of our hang gliding students learn to aerotow and then converge on the thermals at Forbes, NSW, in April.

As winter now sets in, it is quite dreamy reflecting back, and down, to the hot dry paddock below from which my student-pilots were teleported thousands of feet deep into Earth’s troposphere. These guys not only learned to aerotow hang gliders safely, but they also tapped into an unfamiliar energy form: thermals.

Above:  Student Andrew Phillip towing up behind Steve McCarthy at our Forbes Aerotow Clinic.  Photo by Andrew

Becoming a Tandem Pilot


Occasionally some hang glider pilots tell me that they're interested in becoming a tandem pilot and want share the passion of free-flight. I understand the feeling, and can help.

Above: Living the dream, flying high above some big surf at Stanwell Park

Jeff Shapiro and his Covert Harness


Today, my USA flying buddy, Jeff Shapiro, sent me news and photos of his new Covert Hang Gliding harness.

Photo: Jeff Shapiro, in his slick "Covert" harness, above orange groves in Florida last month.

I've been following his progress from the early days, and it looks like he's closing-in on his production debut. 

Update 18/1/2012: - The Wills Wing Covert Harness is now for sale - buy securely in our Australian Hang Glider Online Store<.

The 2010 Hang Gliding STING-FEST



This weekend, Alby Daniel (aka Wingtech & sailmaker extraordinaire) along with the Newcastle Hang Gliding Club and Airborne Windsports are holding the second annual Stingfest!

What is it? It's a (very relaxed and informal) hang gliding meet aimed at all HGFA members with aerotow experience. Pilots who fly Stings will get special privileges but ALL pilots and ALL wings are very welcome.

Where is it? At Denman in the Hunter Valley (it's one of the prettiest places I've ever flown).

When? From Saturday 9am.

The Tumut Fly-in Report


I've just returned from co-hosting the Easter Tumut Fly-in Workshop. It was a "feel-good" event with a packed campground, and local flying sites buZZing with hang gliding (and some paragliding) activity.

Above:  Novice pilot, Drewe Waller, launches from Honeysuckle on Day 1 in his Moyes Sonic 165.

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