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Installing a Hang Gliding Parachute


Here's how to install the High Energy Quantum 330 (QS 330) Parachute into a Moyes Contour Harness with an internal side pocket (awesome harness for novice pilots up to advanced pilots).

Pilot's Party at Stanwell for Rudy


Warren Windsports is throwing a GOODBYE PARTY for Rudy! 

We're really going to miss our amigo, Rudy, when he goes back to his "other" family and hang gliding school in Mexico.

FOOD: Burritos, chips & salsa, and margaritas will be provided. 

WHEN: Monday March 8th, 7-10pm

2010 Easter National Fly-In at Tumut


Hang gliding, paragliding, and microlighting pilots will be converging again on Tumut, NSW for the Annual National Fly-In.

When: Easter, Friday 02 April 2010 to Monday 05 April 2010

Where: Tumut, NSW Australia<

  • Great free-flying with friends<

Besides flying, there's always a chance for a kayak derby in the river if there's too much wind or rain

  • Free Thermaling Workshop and XC Assistance Clinic<

I'll be there helping out overtime for pilots (hang gliding & paragliding) looking to improve their in-land soaring skills.  If conditions permit, I hope to even offer some air-to-air assistance on the radio.  I'll be bringing my hang glider and maybe my paraglider, too.  Overall, the loose agenda is going to be getting some FUN and safe.

-Conrad Loten, from Newcastle, has signed UP to help with the event.  Conrad recently placed a tight second place at the NSW Hang Gliding State Titles in Manilla.  He's an amazing man, and we're very fortunate to have him on board assisting the hang gliding and paragliding pilots looking to learn more about flying in thermals and XC.

Bird's eye view of Stanwell


Last week, I dusted off my wings for some free flying at Stanwell.  The wind had been blowing west all day, and finally the local onshore sea breeze out-powered the upper winds.  What resulted was some amazing convergence as the two air masses collided and reflected upwards.  The photo below shows these effects: calm wind on the water and clouds from the lift produced.

Above:  Soaring my Moyes Litespeed in the light convergence lifting off above Stanwell Park.  -Check out the clean lines of my Matrix harness.

Photo below:  The view of the Bald Hill Lookout, that our tandem hang gliding passengers get to see.  Again, it's worth

Jonny hang gliding the Morning Glory


Be sure to check out the Red Bull Glorious Days TV program tomorrow in Australia.
Channel 9 broadcast times:
NSW and VIC - 1.30pm (leading into the cricket)
QLD - 12.30pm
SA - 1.00pm

The Morning Glory is weather phenomenon that happens every year in only one place in the world: at the top of Australia, near Burketown, QLD.
It's basically an intense "roll cloud" (up to 1000 km long) that marches in from the Gulf of Carpentaria that can be surfed by

Dune gOOning bOOgie


Last week's story, pics, and video...

After 15 years of hang gliding, I'm still having so much fun and continuing to fly new places. Last week, Rodrigo, Rudy, Nari and I made good use of the 25 knot NE coastal breeze.  Flying less competitions and now instructing more can have it's advantages:  -You get to play on the beach!  "Dune Gooning", which is soaring the low sand-dunes, is a great aspect of hang gliding that many pilots never get the chance to try.  My friend Rudy Gotes, who's been flying 31 years, finally had his opportunity...and loved it.

Above: Rudy Gotes, of Mexico, soaring the 900 millimeter sand-dune in the Airborne Fun 190 hang glider

Photo below: Nari (Japan) fine-tuning his skills in his Airborne Fun 160

Downloading flights to Google Earth


The new Flytec 6015 variometer? flight-instrument (and equivalent Brauniger BASIC-GPS) now has the ability to easily download 3-D GPS tracklogs onto Google Earth (.kml files)!

UPDATED: 16/12/09  Click HERE <to view Tim's flight, which will be displayed in your own Google Earth program.

The red tracklog indicates lift, and the blue sink. 

Above is a screen shot of Tim Ettridge's flight that he did with his new Flytec 6015 vario? today at Stanwell Tops.

Some other recorded parameters that can be later reviewed in various software (lilke "See You" and "Fly Chart") are:

International Appeal


We're lucky to live in such a fabulous place where our friends and family are happy to visit us.
Our futons and guest room, here at Stanwell park, will get some good mileage this season from...all sorts.

Rodrigo has just arrived from Mexico and will be spending some time with us, flying the comps and helping out on the hill.

PHOTO: Rodrigo scoring a flight in the Moyes Malibu at Hill 60, Wollongong.

Check out Rodridgo's video below of the flying school he works at with Rudy Gotes, who's visiting us soon, too...

New Flytec 6015 Variometer


Just in, and in stock, is the NEW 6015 Flytec Variometer?-GPS for hang gliding and paragliding pilots.

We also stock and promote the equivalent Brauniger BASIC-GPS.

**Update (25/11/09): We plan to sell these at $715 AUD 

Updated 27/01/12:  The Flytec 6015 (and equivalent Brauniger BASIC-GPS) are offered at a reduced price on our new Australian Hang Gliding & Paragliding Online Store.<


Contact us <to order, or for more information.

It's the same size of the compact Flytec 6005 vario, but with an integrated GPS and more brains.

Currently, these Flytec Variometers are priced at $715

This is what you get:

Aerial photos of Stanwell


Just a quick blog of our recent shots:

Photo: Tandem hang gliding photo looking down on the take-off site of the Stanwell Tops Lookout.  Check out the coastline of the Royal National Park.  If you haven't hiked the 22.5 kilometer walk from Bundeena to Bald Hill....DO IT!


Photo below: Landing the tandem hang glider onto the beach at Stanwell Park.


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