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World Champs, Task 1 and Task 2


Amazing flying conditions on both days with strong climbs (1200 feet /min).

We've been flying the valleys and the diving deep in to the mountains. 

 Yesterday, Task 1 of 162 km, there was drama at the goal line as about 10 pilots didn't quite get through the sinky air, and landed JUST short of the goal line.  -I was one of them.

Jeff O'brien, of USA, smoked the day with a confident win.

2009 Worlds: Hang Gliding Gear

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Above: Flying above launch
The Gear... 

Hang Gliding Worlds


DAY 1 and Day 2: cancelled due to high winds.

BUT, the forecast looks good for the next few days!


hang gliding launch site of the 2009 World Championships


Pic above: Flying above the main launch last week.

Photo below: Lucas, on the safety committee, using “Bader-Scale” hair-meter to flag any high-velocity gusts.

Hang Gliding Tour, Europe

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We're now on tour, away from our hang gliding base at Stanwell Tops, Australia.

Well....our European hang gliding/honeymoon is going great!

Below: Three days ago, at the main take-off area, Laragne-Chabre, FRANCE, for the upcoming 2009 Hang Gliding World Championships

The hang gliding launch at the 2009 World Championships

BELOW: 80 kilometers later, at Monts du Chaval Blanc, very incredible.
Hang gliding in the French southern alps

Flying tandem from our local site: Stanwell Tops



Warren Windsports partners, Louise and myself, flying tandem above Stanwell:


Below, Gracie hang glides tandem for her first time. Sweet shot thanks to John Stanley.


Hang Gliding World Championships, Here We Come


NEWS: After completing the Australian competition season, I've now locked in my spot on the Australian Hang Gliding Team!

The top four Aussies will be heading to France this June, to compete in the 2009 Hang Gliding World Championships.

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Here's a sweet T-shirt that you can now buy. Also, the proceeds of these shirts will go directly to the big costs of chasing the title. Thank you for your SUPPORT!

Back graphic:

Here's the front of the shirt below:

Dalby BIG AIR Comp: 338 km task!

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First place finish for day one

Curt wearing Costa Del Mar Sunglasses flying Dalby, Australia

Above: Curt lovin' the Moyes Litespeed RS and the Big Air in Dalby

Day one's task was set LONG at 338 kilometers, starting at Dalby and finishing at Mitchell to the west.

Hang Gliding the Stockton Dunes


Flying Adventure at Stockton

ABOVE: Flying the new Moyes Malibu 188.  This hang glider is a dream.

After a great week of solid flying Stanwell Tops…Jonas, Olli, Tina, and myself loaded into the Warren Windsports company car and set off on a flying adventure.

Austrian Alps Hang Gliding Rally


“High-Alpine Adventure, Low Stress”

Adventure Guiding in Austrian Alps

Austrian Michi Friesenbichler, assisted by Curt Warren, guides pilots across the premier gliding sites of Austria in the peak flying season.

When: 5th – 9th of August 2009  

The very best month to fly the Austrian Alps

The Region:

1st Place! 2009 Australian Hang Gliding Nationals


This year's Australian Nationals were held at the 21st annual Bogong Cup, in Mount Beauty, Victoria.


Task 3: Launching in my Moyes Litespeed RS4 at Tawonga Gap
Photo by Lotte Barthelmes

This year’s event attracted hang gliding pilots from Austria, Germany, USA, Switzerland, Russia, Holland, Spain, Japan, and Australia.

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