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Learning to Fly in Sydney & Wollongong


Here are recent photos from some of our flying sites that we use for professional hang gliding instruction:

Amazing photo of a hang gliding student at Stanwell Tops

Above: Jonathan, of Helensburg, NSW, leaping from Stanwell Tops on his first solo flight!

Stanwell Tops, is great for the instructional tandem flights. -learning how to set up the landing approach, and where to find the lift on certain days. Stanwell Tops takes a south to an east wind. Speeds from 2 knots to 25 knots are commonly flown.

Beautiful white sands of Little Austinmer Beach, NSW

Above: Dave, from Canberra, on one of his first bunny hops from Bells Point, Austinmer.

Parachute Safety Night



ABOVE: Curt at a SIV paragliding safety course in Utah, USA with Chris Santacroce in June '07

What: Warren Windsports ATC (Advanced Training Clinic)

Parachute Night for Hang Gliding and Paragliding

Workshop Outline:

Australian Competitions & World Champs in France

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I'm really looking forward flying a few of the Australian comps this year, and if all goes well, flying the World Championships in France in June 2009.
Finally, after the Australian immigration, and launching Warren Windsports Australia 1.5 years ago, I now feel that it's a good time to fly a few comps again.

Hang Gliding Launch site in France


Stanwell Tops & Hill 60 deliver last week

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Last week we scored four days in a row. -Three days at Stanwell and one bonus day at Hill 60, Port Kembla.

PHOTO BELOW: Here's my co-pilot Leon (from Sydney), on his birthday flight, at the controls as we're looking back at Bald Hill.
This time I put the Ricoh GX100 camera on the interval timer (my preferred way to shoot) so we could focus on the flying. -what a concept...



ABOVE: Yash, age 15, getting ready for his first introductory hang gliding flight, again from Stanwell.

Rob Kells, Hang Gliding Legend


Rob Kells hang gliding legend

Rob Kells one of my hang gliding heroes, has just died while fighting prostate cancer.

Rob had so much time, energy, enthusiasm, for hang gliding and the people involved. Any pilot that met Rob had tons of respect for him. He SET the standard of professionalism and customer service in the hang gliding industry. One thing that was special about Rob, is that you could ask him anything and he'd spend time to help you out, and make sure you were sweet, before moving on.

Hang gliding gig in Russia


As the winter flying slows down a bit, I'll sneak away...
Tomorrow I'm flying UP and AWAY from Stanwell Park to...... Moscow, Russia to hang glide at a water/aerial stunt show.


We've got a great group of ol' mates going... Team members from USA, Australia, France, and Russia will converge together to perform a 30-minute show for a private party of high profile guests. Each member of the 14-man squad holds either a World or National championship to their credit. The show will include jet-skiing, wakeboarding, barefoot-skiing, free-style jumping, and hang gliding…all choreographed to music and pyrotechnics.
The private-event will be held at the Olympic Stadium once used for the rowing events during the 1980 Olympics in Moscow.

Car Towing in Lake George, Canberra


Our usual hang gliding at Stanwell Tops (between Sydney and Wollongong) was called off due to weather, so I took advantage of the time to test some equipment for my upcoming one-day gig in Moscow, Russia (keep an eye the blog).

We headed to Lake George, Canberra to do some car towing.

CHECK OUT this place! (view from the Moyes Sonic 165)


The flying community is strong and it didn't take much to spark up some local interest. Carl, Dave, Trent, Deb, Dan, and Bucky all turned up for the party on the lake-bed.

Here's Carl foot-launching via a static-line car towing:

New Caledonia: Kitesurfing, Surfing, and Flying


Warren Windsports was out of the office last New Caledonia :).
We took a break from the hang gliding at Stanwell Tops and spent seven days on a boat with friends.
Man, we surfed some brilliant south swell... I loved my new Wayne Lynch surfboard:


Barnstorming the Australian Tablelands


This past weekend at the Mudgee airport we scored some L&V (light and variable) winds with plenty of sunshine, and smOOth lift. YES! Made the 4.5 hour trip worth it!
This gig was the follow-up to our appearance at the Mudgee Airshow, about a month back.

PHOTO: Here's our student Patrick (tandem), getting a good taste of aerotowing:


Hang Gliding Gloucester, NSW,



Friends, fuse ball (table soccer), and FLYING :) ....last weekend.

The weather turned out to be surprisingly pleasant, allowing for some great conditions for aerotowing training and free flying.

ABOVE: The team... microlight tug-pilot and tandem instructor.

Anousha (photo below) on the Guitar providing the live audio track for some of the filming:

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