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Stories and photos all about the adventures of flying low coastal sand dunes. Everything happens fast near the ground!
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Hang Gliding BrEaKaWaY


Last Monday morning Stanwell had too much wind on launch, so we all loaded up the Hilux and blitzed for the Cronulla (Sydney) Dunes.

In the video below, my man Jonny Cash sings an appropriate song to beat away the Monday blues.

Flying Cronulla


Just south of Sydney, NSW are the Cronulla Dunes:  The best place to be when it's a PUMPING (20 knots on the water) south breeze.  This morning, we all went up to Bald Hill for some tandem flights but found winds over 30 knots.  Six hundred feet lower, at sea-level the winds were down to 20 knots.  

Hang Gliding Extreme Sports

Above:  Jonas giving Alex Cuddy, another advanced pilot, "a hand" on his launch.  

A few seconds later (above):  A fully-comitted launch assistant!  

This flying circus routine was planned for a quick glide down, but Alex couldn't help himself and had to make a turn into the lift band.  Jonas looked "at home" with the flight.  I reckon a small percentage of our tandem passengers actually think THIS is how it works when they open their gift voucher for a tandem flight!

The 2010 Hang Gliding STING-FEST



This weekend, Alby Daniel (aka Wingtech & sailmaker extraordinaire) along with the Newcastle Hang Gliding Club and Airborne Windsports are holding the second annual Stingfest!

What is it? It's a (very relaxed and informal) hang gliding meet aimed at all HGFA members with aerotow experience. Pilots who fly Stings will get special privileges but ALL pilots and ALL wings are very welcome.

Where is it? At Denman in the Hunter Valley (it's one of the prettiest places I've ever flown).

When? From Saturday 9am.

Dune gOOning bOOgie


Last week's story, pics, and video...

After 15 years of hang gliding, I'm still having so much fun and continuing to fly new places. Last week, Rodrigo, Rudy, Nari and I made good use of the 25 knot NE coastal breeze.  Flying less competitions and now instructing more can have it's advantages:  -You get to play on the beach!  "Dune Gooning", which is soaring the low sand-dunes, is a great aspect of hang gliding that many pilots never get the chance to try.  My friend Rudy Gotes, who's been flying 31 years, finally had his opportunity...and loved it.

Above: Rudy Gotes, of Mexico, soaring the 900 millimeter sand-dune in the Airborne Fun 190 hang glider

Photo below: Nari (Japan) fine-tuning his skills in his Airborne Fun 160

Hang Gliding the Stockton Dunes


Flying Adventure at Stockton

ABOVE: Flying the new Moyes Malibu 188.  This hang glider is a dream.

After a great week of solid flying Stanwell Tops…Jonas, Olli, Tina, and myself loaded into the Warren Windsports company car and set off on a flying adventure.

Flying the Bone Yard... Botany, Sydney, NSW


Sydney's winter hang gliding site, the Bone Yard, delivers last month:


Flying the Wild WEST Wind in Sydney


West Winds in Sydney are usually spent surfing the offshore waves. Last week, a few of us were looking for something different and headed to Frenchman's Bay of Sydney.

Gerolf, Steve Elliot, and Noma, brought the new Moyes single-surface prototype for us to play with. -Looks like it will be named either: Moyes Litespirit or Moyes Malibu

There was a small water-spout (!) straight out front as we arrived at the sand dune.

"Looks good; you go first".

30 minutes later, Steve Elliot was first off...


....but wait it get's better....

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