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Roadtrip: Stanwell Park Hang Gliding Club pilots head WEST

Sunset Hang Gliding in a Big Sky: Guy Allison, of Taree, on final approach

Hang Gliding Beach Bums go Bush

Check out the photos and see what we got UP to this Tuesday, Wedneday, and Thursday....

Life is about living!  This week, five hang glider pilots ditched work, and invested their time and money, heading 450 km west to gain some new hang gliding skills, and it's alreay paid back.  Besides learning to aerotow hang gliders, the entire crew got to seek, catch, and soar the famous Forbes thermals.

Josh Woods, who was surfing cloudbase for the last two days of the course, said he "will never look at

First Solo! A student's perspective

Screen Capture of Martin's video below.  Bald Hill, Stanwell Park

Interview and Video Below...

Learning to Fly hang gliders always prompts a lot of questions, but this time I'm asking the questions. Below, I interview Martin a recent hang gliding student of Warren Windsports:

WWS: How old are you?

I am currently 20 years old.

WWS: Where/what are you studying?

I am studying a bachelor of business at The University of Technology Sydney.

Forbes XC and Aerotow Clinic


The weather has been beautiful for our XC and aerotow clinics with Alex Cuddy and Jonny skies with light fluffy clouds. The climbs have been nice and soft, too soft at times, but the ground is drying out by the hour. Daniel had his 1st ever Cross Country flight yesterday, on Day 1. Today, Luke had his personal best of around 50km's, flying his new Sting3 154, with a couple of low-saves, getting back up just off the deck.

Fully Committed...


...these guys learn to FLY!

Photo above: Alun AIRBORNE on his 1st HIGH-solo flight!

Alun and Vancho...learning to hang glide at Stanwell Park!

Man, the pair were put to the test...mentally, that is...on their second solo flight this morning as a couple of hundred

Scooter Towing is ON

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I'm happy to blog that our hang gliding lessons have just stepped up level, with our purchase of our new "scooter" winch, from the towing experts at Cloudstreet Winch,< in the USA.

As always, our lessons will also include both tandem hang gliding flights from Stanwell Tops and solo "bunny hill" flights.

Stanwell Tops is spectacular for Paragliding and Hang Gliding

(Above: A hang gliding lesson, south of Sydney, NSW, Australia)

The winch (pictured below) is has been tested, and proven by

Learning to Fly in Sydney & Wollongong


Here are recent photos from some of our flying sites that we use for professional hang gliding instruction:

Amazing photo of a hang gliding student at Stanwell Tops

Above: Jonathan, of Helensburg, NSW, leaping from Stanwell Tops on his first solo flight!

Stanwell Tops, is great for the instructional tandem flights. -learning how to set up the landing approach, and where to find the lift on certain days. Stanwell Tops takes a south to an east wind. Speeds from 2 knots to 25 knots are commonly flown.

Beautiful white sands of Little Austinmer Beach, NSW

Above: Dave, from Canberra, on one of his first bunny hops from Bells Point, Austinmer.

Women Fly, Kath soars BIG. Stanwell, NSW


Three seconds from personal freedom: Kathryn, a hang gliding student of Sydney, about to embark on her first ever solo hang gliding SOARING flight....

Her dedication to learning to fly hang gliders pays off tonight, just before sunset:

Kathryn Hang Glides SOLO, Catherine Hill Bay, NSW


Kathryn has had some previous dune and training hill flights, but last week she made her FIRST "high glides" from the scenic coastal site of Catherine Hill Bay

The launch:


That's Conrad Loten and I running on the wings.

This launch site is user friendly and quite private, really. The water below was crystal clear.

Here's one of her three perfect flights:

Learn to hang glide, Chris Solo's from Bald Hill, Stanwell Tops


It's been a fun hang gliding course for all of us!
We've blogged it this far, might as well show what happened today at Bald Hill, Stanwell Tops :)

Smooth 15 knot South winds....he's already climbing in the Airborne Fun 190 (photo below)....

Hang Gliding Hill 60 Wollongong, Chris takes his first high solo-flight


Day 6 into the Hang Gliding Course, Chris has taken the 200 foot jump. We pick smooth morning NE winds at Hill 60 in Port Kembla. The long empty beach makes a great LZ to wear off the altitude. We use the Wills Wing Condor 220 for the first flight. It's designed to be a forgiving glider that has slow take-off and landing speeds. -ideal and built for students' first high flights.
The second flight we put Chris on the Fun 190

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