Roadtrip: Stanwell Park Hang Gliding Club pilots head WEST

Time's up...Feeling accomplishment and satisfaction
The Pilots, L to R: Robbie McMillan, Josh Woods, Steve McCarthy, Guy Allison, Ole Hartmann, & Chris Rolfe
Touchdown: Chris Rolfe, of Helensburgh, in his high-vis Moyes Malibu2
SPOT LANDING CONTEST: Ole Hartmann, of Taree, just about nails it in the Moyes Malibu
ALL or NOTHING: Josh Woods of Stanwell Park in some Spot-Landing Action
"HEY, I GOT IT"  Sky-diving & Aerial guru, Robbie McMillan, of Wollongong
Bill Moyes' Forbes Paddock looking green again
Just another Thursday afternoon with Warren Windsports
Ghigo, from Italy, with Robbie.  Photo by Robbie
Towing behind the Moyes Dragonfly microlight photo:Robbie McMillan
Sunset Hang Gliding in a Big Sky: Guy Allison, of Taree, on final approach

Hang Gliding Beach Bums go Bush

Check out the photos and see what we got UP to this Tuesday, Wedneday, and Thursday....

Life is about living!  This week, five hang glider pilots ditched work, and invested their time and money, heading 450 km west to gain some new hang gliding skills, and it's alreay paid back.  Besides learning to aerotow hang gliders, the entire crew got to seek, catch, and soar the famous Forbes thermals.

Josh Woods, who was surfing cloudbase for the last two days of the course, said he "will never look at clouds the same way again".

I must say, it was hard to be away from my little family this week, but I was lucky enough to meet a couple of new flying friends from Taree, catch up with tug pilot Steve McCarthy, and get to kmow my fellow bird brothers of the Stanwell Park area.  Flying has it's own family, too. 

"HEY, I GOT IT....!"








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