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staying current.

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The flying has been a little light on since I got back from Europe, but some keen local pilots are proving that there's some airtime to get if you make the effort to chase it.

Parachute Deployment and Safety Review

Brendan after his Safe Arrival

Canberra hang gliding pilot, Brendan's harrowing review of his near miss and recovery while flying out at Gulgong. The message provides pilots a chance to learn from his mistakes and prevent their own future predicament or accident.

Learning to launch a hang glider...-Perfectly.



Last month the Oz Report (<) forum had some great discussions regarding the finer techniques of launching a hang glider.



(PHOTO: submitted to the OzReport, by Steve Rathbun. Taken by Jeff Roberson)


After reading through it all, I was inspired by some specifics that are NOT readily found in any available training resources.

-Thanks to Davis Straub, Aaron Sweptson, Steve Rathbun, and others that contributed on the Oz Report forum.

Here's the cream, that I've filtered out, translated, and emailed to my students:

(Note: this is not the full breakdown of a launch, just some additional points...)

Hang Gliding Aerotowing Clinic, 2008 Easter "Fly-in", Tumut, NSW


This year's hang gliding aerotowing clinic was a success having brought Rob, Geoffrey, and Pete, up to speed with towing their hang gliders behind the microlights supplied by Airborne.

Here's Bianca having a refresher tandem hang gliding flight, via aerotowing, at Tumut.



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