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Bought a harness/carabiner in the past two years? Please see the Moyes Newsletter< sent today:


A potential defect have been advised by  the supplier of the ‘Delta’ carabiner that we use on all of our harnesses.

From our records we have identified to have purchased the ‘Delta’ carabiner dating from 26th February, 2013 to date.

Jeff Shapiro and his Covert Harness


Today, my USA flying buddy, Jeff Shapiro, sent me news and photos of his new Covert Hang Gliding harness.

Photo: Jeff Shapiro, in his slick "Covert" harness, above orange groves in Florida last month.

I've been following his progress from the early days, and it looks like he's closing-in on his production debut. 

Update 18/1/2012: - The Wills Wing Covert Harness is now for sale - buy securely in our Australian Hang Glider Online Store<.

Downloading flights to Google Earth


The new Flytec 6015 variometer? flight-instrument (and equivalent Brauniger BASIC-GPS) now has the ability to easily download 3-D GPS tracklogs onto Google Earth (.kml files)!

UPDATED: 16/12/09  Click HERE <to view Tim's flight, which will be displayed in your own Google Earth program.

The red tracklog indicates lift, and the blue sink. 

Above is a screen shot of Tim Ettridge's flight that he did with his new Flytec 6015 vario? today at Stanwell Tops.

Some other recorded parameters that can be later reviewed in various software (lilke "See You" and "Fly Chart") are:

New Flytec 6015 Variometer


Just in, and in stock, is the NEW 6015 Flytec Variometer?-GPS for hang gliding and paragliding pilots.

We also stock and promote the equivalent Brauniger BASIC-GPS.

**Update (25/11/09): We plan to sell these at $715 AUD 

Updated 27/01/12:  The Flytec 6015 (and equivalent Brauniger BASIC-GPS) are offered at a reduced price on our new Australian Hang Gliding & Paragliding Online Store.<


Contact us <to order, or for more information.

It's the same size of the compact Flytec 6005 vario, but with an integrated GPS and more brains.

Currently, these Flytec Variometers are priced at $715

This is what you get:

Icaro Helmets Australia


Hang Gliding, Paragliding, and Extreme Sport Helmets

We are now Australian importers-dealers for the Icaro Helmet line from Italy.

For more information and ordering....<

**UPDATED 27/01/12:  Visit our new Australian Hang Gliding & Paragliding Online Store<

These helmets have been certified for airborne-sports by the rigid European Standard.

We currently recommend, fly, and stock these 8 Icaro helmet-models:

Paragliding Helmets Australia

Above: The JET-CUT Icaro 4fight helmet, perfect for both paragliding and hang gliding.

All JET models come with a removable visor of your colour-choice. My personal preference: only use the visor when I'm flying on the cold winter days, or at hypoxic altitudes.

 Also, all Icaro helmet models will come with a free helmet bag.

2009 Worlds: Hang Gliding Gear

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Above: Flying above launch
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