Bought a harness/carabiner in the past two years? Please see the Moyes Newsletter< sent today:


A potential defect have been advised by  the supplier of the ‘Delta’ carabiner that we use on all of our harnesses.

From our records we have identified to have purchased the ‘Delta’ carabiner dating from 26th February, 2013 to date.

If you purchased a harness or carabiner from Moyes from between 1st
January, 2013 to 14th October, 2014 you need to carefully check the
carabiner for the batch number.

"For the safety of all customers AustriAlpin is issuing an immediate
voluntary recall of certain batches of the Austrialpin DELTA carabiner
delivered after October 2012. If you own a Austrialpin DELTA carabiner
that was purchased after October 2012.
Please read this notice carefully and follow the instructions. (see Austrialpin_recall_DELTA_carabiner.pdf<)
Affected are DELTA carabiners, article number FD00A with the batch numbers 00001 and Ø0001"


If you identify to have one of the suspect carabiners please complete
the Austrialpin recall order form and post together with the carabiner
directly to Austrialpin. (see Austrialpin_recall_DELTA_carabiner.pdf< for details)

They will replace the returned carabiner as quickly as possible and
as a compensation for the shipping cost, they will send a complimentary
AustriAlpin carabiner.

Thank you for your due diligence in regards to this recall.

Moyes Gliders

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