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Proud Firefighter

Curt and Louise Warren with kids

After eight months of application tests and training, I have finally graduated today from the firefighting college in Sydney.  What an amazing experience of meeting wonderful people, and learning so many new skills.  I'm looking forward to putting it all together and serve our community.

I'm incredibly grateful (I have lost count of the how many massages I owe her) to my wife, Louise, for her extra support since it all began in April.   I came back a day early (sick) from the Dalby Big Air Comp, and started studying for the first phase of the application process.   After five more phases, and four months later,

Win our Fly & Camp Beach Holiday


Buy any new hang glider and enter to win a flying beach holiday!

Here's a chance for either a Sydney or a non-local pilot to use our glider, car, tent and surfboard for 6 days, here in paradise!  This will also include local site guidance, if needed, at our nearby flying sites.

The Gulgong Aeropark is up for sale

In the moment

Last week we flew again at the Gulgong Aeropark (NSW),  where we had some fabulous flying and camping again.  I love the clear star-lit nights out there.  On our morning of departure, the owner, Ian Harris, dropped a bomb:  and told us that he needs to sell the airstrip due to a break-up of the club/corporation and he won't be able to afford to buy back the remaining "shares" of the Aeropark.

Gulgong Aeropark building prototype Hydraulic Pay-in Winch


Ian Harris owner of Gulgong Aeropark is spending some late nights in the workshop lately, and working on a prototype for a Pay-In (Stationary) Winch for hang gliding and paragliding.  Ian wants pilots to have options when there isn't an tow plane and/or tug-pilot available.

Hang Gliding the Blue Mountains Australia

Screen Capture from Justin's Blue Mountain Hang Gliding Video

Justin Gimour, our recent hang gliding student, is going places!  He has quickly gone on to fly new sites around Australia.  Below, you'll see his HD GoPRO footage of his recent hang gliding from Blackheath in the Blue Mountains.

Justin writes: 

Time Lapse Extremes at Stanwell Park

Screen capture of from the Stanny Cam Time Lapse video

Last Tuesday, Australia's South Coast weather BLEW our minds, with over 50 knot, 100 km/hr, winds (measured on the water)!  While most of us were tucked away snug inside, our Stanny Cam had its neck out taking snap shots every minute, and capturing the morphing sky with two burning sunrises that radiate, right out of the screen.  Day 3 of the video shows how quickly the weather and flying came good, as well as the loads of Sydney pilots who can find a way escape the rat race, and get airborne on a Thursday.

Hang Gliding Pioneers

Left to right: Bill Moyes, me, &  John Dickenson

It's May 22nd 2012, and I'm hanging out with Hang Gliding legends John Dickenson< and Bill Moyes< in Melbourne, Australia at a national hang gliding conference.  We're all here to exchange ideas and knowledge with other instructors, as well as CASA.<

Up and coming: Jeff Galvin


Being a young hang gliding pilot I though it would be cool to introduce a few of the young ambitious pilots to look out for.

I recently got the chance to catch up with Jeff Galvin. Not only is he an amazingly talented pilot, he's got style for miles, looks that turn heads, a sense of humor that could tame a wild cheetah and an all round nice guy but is defiantly some to look out for!

Jeff on the way to Salt lake cityJeff on the way to Salt lake city

Going H.A.M

Swooping Stanwell

I have had some extra unused footage from the past two summers(northern and southern hemisphere season) that I haven't used yet so I threw together this short video.

I get a lot of people asking me for advice on doing aerobatics or low passes or whatever: and what I tell them is do a clinic! Do it with someone who can mentor you. Acro is fun and safe if you learn it properly and don't rush your progression, ease into it take it slowly. With that being said Enjoy the video!

70's Kung Fu...80's Aftershave...& HANG GLIDING

Screen Capture: 1970's Hang Gliding at Stanwell Park

We can't forget our roots. But man, it was a different world back then.

Daredevils wanted to fly so bad, they were willing to overlook (?) the bleak success rate that hang glider pilots had in the early 70's.  Things got better as equipment, instruction, and knowledge improved.  

Either way, hang gliding was cool for some of the same obvious reasons as today:  it was about living life to the fullest and truly experiencing the forces of nature.

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