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Last week we flew again at the Gulgong Aeropark (NSW),  where we had some fabulous flying and camping again.  I love the clear star-lit nights out there.  On our morning of departure, the owner, Ian Harris, dropped a bomb:  and told us that he needs to sell the airstrip due to a break-up of the club/corporation and he won't be able to afford to buy back the remaining "shares" of the Aeropark.

What will happen to one of Australia's best grass airstrips?  It's a 2 km glass strip, on top of a graded granite surface, that quickly dries after after rain showers.  It boasts massive hangars, a clubhouse, a dam for swimming and a another for drinking water. 

They are not building more airstrips these days.  Getting approval wouldn't come easy with noise and environmental hurdles. 

Let's hope that a freeflight-friendly and motivated pilot contacts Ian (link below) to buy the airstrip.  They'll need somewhere around the $500,000 AUD mark.

There's also an option to team up with Ian on the purchase, who could also manage the property.  He'd love to see the property continue to be used for flying.

Here are some spec's on Gulgong Aero Park:<

Total area 60.83 ha.

Runway length 2000 m (2km)
Hanger 1 Eastern end: 20 x 20 meters
Hanger 2 Mid A/F: 50 x18 meters
Workshop: 13 x 5 meters
Club house: 6 x6 meters plus veranda and barbeque area.
Showers & toilets :2 x 2
Wetland areas: 10 ha
Total slashed area: 40 ha.
Camping: 10 ha.

Other Gulgong news:

  • The Aeropark's prototype winch has had a few set backs and is on the back-burner<
  • The 2013 Gulgong Classic Comp is still going ahead at this stage<


The wonderful photos attached on this blog were taken by our hang gliding student, Marius, during our 2012 Gulgong Easter Fly-In


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