Proud Firefighter

Curt and Louise Warren with kids

After eight months of application tests and training, I have finally graduated today from the firefighting college in Sydney.  What an amazing experience of meeting wonderful people, and learning so many new skills.  I'm looking forward to putting it all together and serve our community.

I'm incredibly grateful (I have lost count of the how many massages I owe her) to my wife, Louise, for her extra support since it all began in April.   I came back a day early (sick) from the Dalby Big Air Comp, and started studying for the first phase of the application process.   After five more phases, and four months later, I was one of the lucky 1% to get an offer. 7500 people applied for a firefighter position, and 96 were accepted.

My Warren Windsports Wingmen, Rohan Taylor and Jonas Lobitz have done a fantastic job of looking after the tandem hang gliding flights.  In fact, our team hasn't missed one flyable day at Stanwell Park!  Legends.   Saying that, I did have to reduce the online store a fair bit and cut back on the online sales.  We've been still selling, and demo-ing plenty of hang gliders though.  -The Moyes Gecko has been quite popular, actually.   Contact myself or Rohan if you want to come demo our Geko....

Well, my new flexible "firey" roster will allow me ramp up my own XC flying again.  I can't wait to dust of the Matrix harness, charge my instruments, and start thinking about a new flying tour.  Of course, I haven't forgotten about the massages I owe. 

Bring on the Australian summer!

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