Win our Fly & Camp Beach Holiday


Buy any new hang glider and enter to win a flying beach holiday!

Here's a chance for either a Sydney or a non-local pilot to use our glider, car, tent and surfboard for 6 days, here in paradise!  This will also include local site guidance, if needed, at our nearby flying sites.

Besides our local pilots who I strive to support, I also have a few regional pilots (WA, SA, NT....) who don't have a local instructor for support and gear guidance as their skill progesses.  The feedback I'm getting is that pilots appreciate our input, tips, and service with hang gliding gear and gliders.  So, this prize-draw sure is meant to strike a chord with these pilots as a great opportunity:  Pop into town (get picked up at the airport if needed), to relax at Coledale Beach, where your campsite will be set up and paid for!  If the surf is no good, then most likely the flying will be worth a look.  Either way, you'll be sorted with the equipment and vehicle.  That reminds me...I still need to tell my wife about the car... ;) 

We're looking forward to drawing the winner in April (last day of the Dalby Comp, no need to be present).  From there, we can work out a date that suits us both.  I'll be stoked to host the winner, and a friend if they wish.  Our "backyard" has amazing surfing breaks, rock pools, bush walks, cafes, and oh ya, flying sites!

Please check out the Terms and Condititons< for this cool Prize.  Good luck!


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