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News and photos about our tandem hang gliding experiences offered at Stanwell Tops, located at the southern edge of Sydney's Royal National Park NSW Australia.
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14,000 FT HIGH, tandem with Laura!


14,400ft!!!! After tandems I took my girlfriend laura for little XC flight. After struggling down low for a few min we got a nice climb to 14,400 about 1k ft short of cloud base; we left only because I was under dressed and started to loose felling in my hands and arms :-) epic!

(that is Mt Rose ski resort and Lake Tahoe in the back ground)

Flying  tandem with Laura at Slide mountainFlying tandem with Laura at Slide mountain


3 Hang Gliding Pics from 2010


With wet weather last week, I had a chance to dig up a few more sweet shots from 2010.

This one below has a nice angle looking north looking into the Royal National Park.  It was a spectacular day, with lift everywhere...we were on our way back from Mt Mitchell.  The surf was UP, too, as you can see from all the whitewash below.

Speaking of whitewash, the surf was big here (photo below), too.  It wasn't a day for spotting sea-life, but the waves were mesmerizing....

Aerial photos of Stanwell


Just a quick blog of our recent shots:

Photo: Tandem hang gliding photo looking down on the take-off site of the Stanwell Tops Lookout.  Check out the coastline of the Royal National Park.  If you haven't hiked the 22.5 kilometer walk from Bundeena to Bald Hill....DO IT!


Photo below: Landing the tandem hang glider onto the beach at Stanwell Park.


Adventure Gift for Father's Day


Send Dad hang gliding at the world-class flying site of Stanwell Tops, and he'll be floating for days. The adventure is an easy day-trip from Sydney, as Stanwell Park is only one hour south of the Sydney CBD.

A Hang Gliding tandem flight, looking down on the beach of Stanwell Park, NSW

All gift vouchers are express posted (or emailed) and come with amazing in-flight photos.

Two happy guys at the controls of the hang glider

Everyone dreams of flying.  Here you can see that "David" has been given the opportunity to take the controls, and feel how easy it is...to be a bird!

The prime hang gliding season is approaching as winter now fades away.

More information about our gift vouchers and tandem flights can be found here.<

Flying tandem from our local site: Stanwell Tops



Warren Windsports partners, Louise and myself, flying tandem above Stanwell:


Below, Gracie hang glides tandem for her first time. Sweet shot thanks to John Stanley.


Stanwell Tops & Hill 60 deliver last week

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Last week we scored four days in a row. -Three days at Stanwell and one bonus day at Hill 60, Port Kembla.

PHOTO BELOW: Here's my co-pilot Leon (from Sydney), on his birthday flight, at the controls as we're looking back at Bald Hill.
This time I put the Ricoh GX100 camera on the interval timer (my preferred way to shoot) so we could focus on the flying. -what a concept...



ABOVE: Yash, age 15, getting ready for his first introductory hang gliding flight, again from Stanwell.

Mother's Day Adventure Gift Voucher! Sydney, NSW


What a fun gift to give on Mother's Day! -A tandem hang gliding gift voucher.



Believe it or not, this is when every passenger/student just starts to relax! The hardest part of the experience for first timers is the pre-flight anticipation! This is Sharon Kramer, mother of two, hang gliding tandem for her first time at the renowned site of Bald Hill, Stanwell Tops, Sydney. Her husband Dee Kramer took the amazing photo, capturing the tandem hang gliding launch as we left planet earth.

Here's an image of our gift voucher that is express posted....

Saturday's Tandem Hang Gliding Photos and "The Cloud", Stanwell Tops


Savana from Spain, happened to by passing by on Saturday, pulled into the Bald Hill Lookout with her family and made a spontaneous decision to FLY!
Check out the CLOUD forming as the wind hit the mountain, pushed UP, cooled off, and condensed!

Flying high... Tandem from Bald Hill


Had to post this pic :)

Christie (Newtown, NSW) and Curt cruising past this maSSive stanwell tops residence.


Come flying with Warren Windsports, Illawarra Hang Gliding school offering tandem hang glide flghts from Bald Hill. Scenic air tours over Stanwell Tops, the Sydney Royal National Park and the Australian East Coast beaches of South Sydney NSW.

Recent hang gliding aerial photos. Stanwell Tops, December 2007


Here are some recent in-flight shots. The Ricoh camera is mounted out on the wing-tip with a wide-angle lens. We've been using the interval timer to snap the pics, but might start using the wired remote option...

No marine-life in this photo, but I'll keep trying! (Paul of Coledale and Curt flying tandem)


-we have seen ALL SORTS of sea cReAtUrEs from above, and will have to start trying to capture some on "film"....

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