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I have been neglecting my old blog in preparation for this one to launch(that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it); now that it's up I have some catching up to do.

WWS crew enjoying a bald hill sunsetWWS crew enjoying a bald hill sunset

Work wise the season started off rather slow with heaps of bad weather and a serious lack of flying. The crew itching to keep busy I started dragging the out for some good old fashion fun climbing rocks.


This year in Australia is way different from last season in so many ways. I guess first off I have decided to take a small and I fell much needed break from flying competitions and means I haven't been chasing big XC all that much. That has opened up time for some other fun adventures. One of our friends from Austria Wolfi is here for the season handgun out. Also one of my students from home(Lake Tahoe,NV) was on a big trip in south east asia and diced to stop by Australia with his girl friend for a few months so it has been great having them around.


 I really got into climbing this season at home; so when I got back to AU I was stocked to hear that there were some good climbs right here in Stanwell Tops, and lots of good sport climbing within a 30min drive. Needless to say we have been going hard and climbing every chance we get. Louise's Father and brother were kind enough to loan me a rope and full rack for the time I'm here so I could climb!


One of our friends and fellow pilot Ado is a killer climber with a sweet place in the blue mountains and he invited us up to do some climbing and check out his bouldering cave to give Curt some ideas on how to build a small wall for Wiley as Christmas present. The weather didn't exactly cooperate with some patch rain around but we did manage to get out and get a few climbs in. Curt had only climbed a few times, Clay hadn't done much either so Ado and I dragged them up a few classic climbs at Shipley upper in Blackheath before the rain set in.

Ado's bouldering caveAdo's bouldering cave


After leaving the SCF comp early and stressed out in Sept and not flying XC in months I was itching for some flying. Early Dec fellow WWS team pilot Dave May give us a call reporting potential record conditions at lake G the following day. I was obligated to work and planing on staying in Stanny to fly tandems but when I woke up that morning the boys said that they weren't keen on XC so I jumped at the chance. Curt, James and I tossed our gliders on the van and made the 3 hour drive to lake G for a 11am launch at Gearys gap, with a goal of Hay and a turn point at Giffith to keep us on course. 

XC flying Lake GXC flying Lake G

After a quick blaze down the ridge to collector to get out of airspace, we were up and out of there for seemed to be a effortless flight. I ended up landing at 270km, Dave landed at 300km and Curt smashed it landing 340km snatching the ACT distance record(previously 300km set by Dave May). I was pumped on my flight and it was just what the doctor ordered. The car was full of good vibes and much need as we set in for the all night drive back to Stanwell park.

post record flight propspost record flight props

Christmas rolled around amazingly fast this year and we made the most of it. Curt, Louise and family did a early morning breakfast and a Chinese Christmas gift giving before they had to pack up and head into Sydney to Louise's family's for the day. With the place left us Wolfi, Pablo, Jonas, Clay, Elissa and I started cooking a very non traditional X-mas feast. Cooking up Salmon, Prawns, chicken and whole table of mufti-cultural foods. Jamie and Kathryn came over for the feast. After pigging out we spent the rest of the day playing in the pool, slack-lining and enjoying being in good company on a beautiful day. As the sun started to set we packed up a eskie and headed to beach to toss some disc and enjoy a bonfire by the ocean.

Christmas LunchChristmas Lunch

So far those have been the staple of events thus far and now were up to current.


Returning home from a  manic aerotowing clinic in Forbes where we taught 19 pilots to aerotow in 4 days. It was great to get so many people towing safely. Super satisfying seeing all the pilots in the course do really well.  No to mention a new years eve party for the record books :-). I came back to the coast ready for some relaxation. It was great to be home and the house was filled with energy as the boys were getting ready to head back out to Forbes for Pre-worlds. Their enthusiasm rubbed off on me and again I was at war with my self on whether or not to go and fly the comp; in the end I decided to stay in

Stanny and work. So when the truck pulled out of the drive way filled with my friends and knowing how much fun they were in for I was wishing that I was in the truck with em. It looks like the comp is in for some  great weather as usual.  I'm enjoying the time to my self laying the hammock reading and the serenity of having "the resort" to my self.


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