Tasmania, here we come!

Tasmania Hang Gliding Drifter Tour

Our Tasmania hang gliding Drifter Tour is now booked out!  -and we have a dream-team going! 
We've recetnly decided on ONE tour, but a bit longer.
So....8 pilots for nine days!

The "new" Toyota Troop Carrier is currently under surgery getting modifications to be ready for the trip...

Matt Loft might be onboard again to drive and video.  He'll be capturing the event in high resolution and cutting a short film for us all.  "Lofty" made this hang gliding film< from our last tour, and is currently filming/editing full time for an outdoor TV series.

Looks like we'll be taking a towing winch to maximize the flying....

We are soooo excited to explore Tasmania:  flying new sites, making new friends, and getting lost once or twice!

Here's the crew for the 2015 Tasmania Drifter Tour:

  1. Curt  (Instructor/pilot)<
  2. Boris (Guide/pilot)<
  3. Lofty (Driver/Videographer)<
  4. Ted Sadowski<
  5. Steve Docherty<
  6. Vancho Bonevski<
  7. Dave May  <
  8. Luke Preston   <
  9. Patrick Trinder<
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