XC FLIGHT from Cambewarra Lookout into the Southern Highlands

Rohan's tracklog from the Cambewarra Lookout
Rohan Taylor and NIls Vesk after an unforgettable flight


Flying over the waterfalls of Kangaroo Valley<

Early this spring (27/9/14), Sydney hang glider pilots Rohan Taylor and Nils Vesk flew an incredibly scenic XC flight from the Cambewarra Lookout (near Nowra) to Mittagong, in the Southern Highlands.

This would have been an unreal flight, that these two dedicated pilots will never forget. Check out Rohan's story:


What a great day it was, after planning to fly the blue mountains, Nils and I were on the phone @ 6:30 checking the forecasts and possibilities. With the changes in the forecast from the night before and our eagerness to fly Cambewarra, which neither of us had
previously flown, we decided to give it a shot. After calling around we couldn't encourage oany of the usual suspects to join us in our trip and headed off.

During the drive we were fortunate enough to get in touch with the Local Legend Franko, who after working an all night shift decided was too tired to fly, but generously offered to pick us up if we called once landed. A short time later we received a text that as it was
looking so good, he would meet us there to drive for us, Happy Days!!

We arrived to beautiful clouds and light cycles. Quickly setting, a few paragliders joined us on launch as the day continued to improve and we tried to interogate Franko for as much information as we could.

Nils and I launched in quick succession shortly before midday into a light broken climb which slowly improved to about 400'/Min. I was able to break through the inversion at about 5000' and climb to base at around 5800', unfortunately Nils didn't get through the inversion and had to leave without the extra height as we crossed into Kangaroo Valley. We then climbed separately over the Escarpments on the Northern side of Kangaroo Valley taking in the cliffs and waterfalls below. Once back to cloudbase I was able to join Nils again who had tracked slightly further west.

We then flew together to the north assisting each other in climbs before tracking west again over Wildes Meadow, which I discovered is horse country when I got low. Able to find a good climb before Fitzroy Falls Reservoir we tried to track further west toward Moss Vale, however
over shadowing had me darting north again looking for lift in the sunshine. We then got separated as I got low and needed to scratch whilst Nils continued on. After finally getting back up we tried to rejoin each other, managing to find each other again near Mt Gibraltar, near Mittagong.

With Franko below us to the north of Mittagong, having now picked up Jonathan Kindred who had flown from Stanwell to past Robertson we decided to land and try to let Franko get some sleep.

In all a fairly short, but incredible, memorable flight over some amazing scenery. Again a huge thanks to Franko for making it possible and Nils for his infectious enthusiasm that continues to drag me out chasing these types of flights.

Rohan Taylor



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