Airborne Sting 3 Hang Glider

Airborne Sting 3 Hang Glider
Price: $5,714.19

An intermediate wing with easy and predictable handling characteristics, along with enough performance to impress many pilots.

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You can read much more about the Airborne Sting 3 154 & 168 in the product description and Pro Tips below.

The Sting 3 comes standard with Mylar Leading Edge and Dacron Main Sail.

The Sting 3 is available in 5 stock colour schemes. All stock gliders have a White Panel 1 Undersurface, and Black Panel 2 Undersurface. With 5 colour options for Panel 3. Or upgrade to custom colours and choose any colour for each panel.

Full payment balance due on 18/05/2017
Product Availability and Delivery: 

Please email or call for the latest delivery times of stock or custom Airborne gliders. Price above is for pickup by the client at the Airborne factory in Newcastle, Australia. If patient, Warren Windsports can coordinate a very cheap or even free delivery to Stanwell Park via another pilot traveling through.

The Sting 3 is a great Intermediate or "recreational" hang glider, it provides good performance and is still easy to handle.

Experienced pilots will find that the Sting 3 and offers XC and comp flying with a great climb rate for it's class. It doesn't stop there...this hang glider is also easy to aerotow for already rated AT pilots.

With an updated design in 2007, the Sting 3 now boasts an improved glide angle, and lighter roll control at low speeds. These low speed characteristics provide more responsive control during launch and landing stages. The Sting 3 hang glider has a smooth stall even with VG on, along with lighter pitch pressure. The increased sail undersurface has contributed to the improved high speed glide performance needed between thermals.

The Sting 3 has found a happy balance of performance and stability for the intermediate or recreational pilot.

Product Details
Suitable For: 

Intermediate Pilots and Long-time Recreational Pilots
The sting 3 is a stable glider that offers great performance for ridge soaring, coastal flying, XC and Comps for the Sports Class pilot.

  • Streamline downtubes and round speedbar with grips come standard  
  • PX 10 Leading Edge
  • Aluminium 7075 airframe. 
  • Fliptip Battens
  • VG
  • Faifred Kingpost
  • New sail luff curve.
  • New airfoils.
  • New top surface.
  • New under surface, with increased double surface area for long XC glides.
  • Improved under surface control with an additional batten.
  • King post hang.

Sting 3 Sizes

The Airborne Sting 3 is manufactured in two different sizes: 154 (square feet) and 168.  Check out the Specifications chart below to see the weight range for each size.  You'll notice that the weight range is quiet large for the 154.  For pilots that are the top of the weight range of the 154 size, the manufacturer tends to recommend pilots stick with that size.  Warren Windsports has seen the 154 accommodate pilots at both ends of the spectrum (light and heavy).

Sting 3 Hang Glider Specifications

Specification STING 3 - 154
STING 3 - 168
Sail Area (m^2) 14.33 15.6
Wing Span (m) 8.5 9.1
Aspect Ratio 5.7
Nose Angle 121%
Double Surface % 75%
Battens 22 24
Glider Weight (kg) 26 30
Assembly Time 7min 8min
Pack Up Length (m) 5.5 5.7
Hook-In Weight (kg) 60-100 80-120
Vne (km/h) 85
Va (km/h) 74

Upgrade Options:

  • Aerofoil Aluminium or
  • Aerofoil Carbon Control Bar

Sail Material Options:

  • Standard: Mylar PX 10 Leading Edge with a Dacron Main Sail
  • Upgrade to Mylar PX 10 Main Sail

  Sting 3 Mylar Main Sail & Leading EdgeSting 3 Mylar Main Sail & Leading Edge

Custom Sail Colour Options:

Try out some colour option combinations for your new Sting 3 Hang Glider. Note: colours may vary due to computer monitor settings. Once you have the colour combo of your choice, select from the options in the order form above. Contact Us if you require assistance.

Standard Sail Colour Options:

The colour chart below shows the standard factory picked sail colour layouts.

Stock Colour Colour Scheme Leading Edge Front undersurface Panel 1 (US1) Middle Undersurface Panel 2 (US2) Rear Undersurface Panel 3 (US3) Keel Pocket
Hang Glider Stock Colour 1



PX White White Black (2100) Red (3125) Red (3125)
Hang Glider Stock Colour 2



PX White White Black (2100) Blue (7352) Blue (7352)
Hang Glider Stock Colour 3



PX White White Black (2100) Yellow (5076) Yellow (5076)
Hang Glider Stock Colour 4


FL Orange

PX White White Black (2100) FL Orange(4197) FL Orange (4197)
Hang Glider Stock Colour 5


FL Green

PX White White Black (2100) FL Green (6094) FL Green (6094)
Sting 3 Hang Glider MANUAL (download PDF)1.2 MB
Manufacturer Info: 
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