The Art of Sky Sailing Book and DVD

The Art of Sky Sailing Notebook and DVD
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The Art of Sky Sailing Book and DVD: Risk Management for Hang Gliding and Paragliding
The Notebook and DVD are developed from the Robertson Charts of Reliability, making a comprehensive resource for all pilots. This resource provides pilots with the guidelines for good decision making, judgement and risk management, which is at the core? of all great pilots.

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The Art of Skysailing Book and DVD was published in 2010, and makes an invaluable resource for ALL pilots. This kit was developed from Michael Robertson's Charts of Reliability (1979). The Charts of Reliability have been an compulsory aspect of flight training in the USA since the 90's and works by itemising each flying consideration into twenty-line charts (such as wind and site), which pilots then score each line to determine the reliability of the conditions for their level of flying skills. This resource really breaks down the qualitative considerations, to create a simple quantitative approach of decision making skills that all pilots should have towards every flight. As said by Mike Meier “decision making is not part of the game, it’s the whole game!”.

Includes Notebook and DVD, with almost 4 hours of DVD lectures.

DVD Chapters:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Wondrous Wind
  3. The Wing
  4. The Windividual
  5. Rules of the Air
  6. Accident Analysis
  7. Flight Visualisation


------ Testimonial------
I've just completed reading "The Art of Skysailing - A Risk Management Manual for Hang Gliding" you recently recommended to me. You were right, it is an excellent reference material & provides an easy means for all pilots to assess & manage the risks before we fly. I found the included DVD made understanding the work book simple & provided a range of good to use information relevant to operating a glider safely. The author has certainly used the cumulative lessons learned over many years to present a text  that will hopefully not only make the decision to fly on any particular day much easier for low hour pilots like myself, but also a much safer & informed one. The  only negative I could come up with after the reading the material curt, was that you weren't selling it when I undertook the novice flying training course. Should be compulsory reading for new if not all pilots!
Regards Fred Smeaton

Curt's Pro Tip: 

This publication has a methodical approach and breakdown of the risk management factors that are specific to hang gliding and paragliding. I fully endorse The Art of Skysailing, so much we're now encorporating it in to our Advanced Training Clinics and Basic Training.


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Beginner, Intermediate, AND Advanced Pilots.

Michael Robertson (Revised 2010)
Format: Paperback and DVD
Published: 2010
Publisher:High Perpective Inc.
Country of origin: USA
Pages: 48


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