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Performance Flying Book Dennis Pagen
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SHIPS FREE: Performance Flying: Hang Gliding Techniques for Intermediate and Advanced Pilots
By Dennis Pagen

A manual to help you improve your flying in so many areas. Besides wisdom from Pagen, there's tips from many successful pilots. This book is the doorway to taking your performance skills to another level.

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Performance Flying is written by Denis Pagen, and also includes insights from expert pilots around the world. The book covers techniques for improving your flying skills in a variety of contexts; thermalling, flying cross country and competition flying. With contributions from Kari Castle and Jim Lee, to name just two, this book is full of tips and knowledge to raise your level of flying knowledge and attitude. The extensive use of illustrations and diagrams makes it easy to comprehend the concepts.


  1. Perfecting the Pilot<
  2. The Art of flying<
  3. Maximising Turns<
  4. Wings and Things<
  5. Excelling in Thermals<
  6. Advanced Techniques<
  7. Using Speeds-to-Fly<
  8. Cross-Country Flying<
  9. Compeition Flying<
  10. Towing Aloft<
  11. Further Adventures<
  12. Design Concepts<
  13. Aeromedical Factors<

Curt's Pro Tip: 

This hang gliding book is the bible for intermediate and advanced pilots. Dennis Pagen clearly explains some crucial aspects of flying that no other book has taken the time to do.

Just like beginner pilots need to buy a training manual, intermediate/advanced pilots NEED to buy Performance Flying.  


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Suitable For: 

Intermediate and Advanced Hang Gliding Pilots. Paragliding pilots can also benefit from many chapters (see above) of this book.

ISBN: 9780936310114
Format: Paperback
Published: 1993
Publisher: Black Mountain Books
Origin: USA
Pages: 342


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