Secrets of Champions

The Secrets of Champions Hang Gliding Book
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Free Shipping....Secrets of Champions: The Worlds Top Hang Gliding Pilots Show You How To Get Better.
By Dennis Pagen

After hours of interviews, Dennis Pagen produced a compilation of the personal insights and perceptions of 17 of the worlds top hang gliding pilots over the years. This book gives you a backstage pass to these incredible pilots, and is the ticket to developing the skills and mindset of a champion pilot.

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Dennis Pagen's book, The Secret's of Champions, is such a great resource, as it draws from so many pilots, who all have very different experiences and styles, so you have a huge cross section of knowledge and approaches at you finger tips. This is the kind of book that you you read and re-read later, when you're in another phase of flying, and then an entirely different message will be passed Luiz, to elevate your flying once again.

The Secrets of Champions is not just about flying skills and knowledge, but more about the attitude, mindset, psyche and the mental strategies of champion hang gliding pilots.

Tomas Suchanek - The Secrets of Suchanek
Rohan Holtkamp - Rohan Rocks
Mike Barber - Barber's Cutting Edge
Bob Baier - Baier's Higher Learnings
Kari Castle - Kari's Castles in the Sky
Jim Lee - Le's Lessons
Mark Gibson - Gibbo's Gonzo Guidelines
Guido Gehrmann - Gehrmann the Airman
Richard Walbec - Waltzing with Walbec
Chris Arai - Rising with Arai
Oleg Bondarchuk - Oleg's Legacy
Paris Williams - In the Air with Paris
The Boys of Brazil
Andre Wolf - Andre's Answers
Betinho Schmitz - Beto's Tutorials
Luiz Niemeyer - In the Breeze with Luiz
The Austrian Dynasty
Gerolf Heinrichs -The Word of Gerolf
Manfred Ruhmer - Ruhmer's Truths

Curt's Pro Tip: 

This book has the inside information of many champion pilots whose insights and achievements are immortal.  The Secret of Champions book allows the reader the opportunity to see how a champion's mind works. There are sure to be some classic quotes in here that will strongly resonate, and be just the thing an aspiring expert pilot needs to get to the next level.  I reread my copy every so often.

I especially like the Summary in the back of the book, where it compiles and categorises the interviews.  Guess what a common tip was from the champion pilots??? -Read as many flying books as you can!


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Suitable For: 

Intermediate and Advanced Hang Gliding pilots. Paragliding pilots will also appreciate many of the interviews.

ISBN: 0936310154
Author: Dennis Pagen
Format: Paperback
Published: 2003
Publisher: Sport Aviation Publications
Origin: USA
Pages: 211

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