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SHIPS FREE ... Understanding The Sky: A Sport Pilots Guide to Flying Conditions
By Dennis Pagen

A detailed guide to reading and understanding the sky and the weather, developed specifically for hang gliding and free-flight pilots.
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Written by Dennis Pagen, this book is a comprehensive guide to the sky, including properties of the air, and how the atmosphere works, including both southern and northern hemisphere patterns. Understanding the Sky is tailored to free flight and recreational flying with strong emphasis and detail on micro-meteorology -an area where most general aviation books lack this content. Understanding the Sky is complete with many illustrations and diagrams.

This knowledge and understanding of the sky is an integral basis of hang gliding and other forms of recreational flying, and also a key area in improving you flying for cross country and competitions.


  1.  The Air Around Us<
  2. The Living Atmosphere<
  3. the Message of the Clouds<
  4. The Big Picture- General Meteorology<
  5. Wind Patterns<
  6. Turbulence- Unsteady Flow<
  7. Local Winds<
  8. Soaring Conditions- Lifting Air<
  9. Instability and Thermals<
  10. Thermal Lore<
  11. Thunderstorms<
  12. Watching the Weather<
Curt's Pro Tip: 

It can be quite technical and dry at some times, but how cool that we've got a weather book written just for the sport aviation pilots!  If you hit this book in small doses over time, you'll grasp the finer details of micro-meteorology and begin to make educated decisions to help extend your XC flights to new personal bests. 


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Hang Gliding, Paragliding, Microlights, Sail Planes, Balloonists, RC Planes.

ISBN: 0936310103
Author: Dennis Pagen
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Sport Aviation Publications
Origin: USA
Pages: 280
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