Conar Metamorfosi Reserve Hang Gliding Parachute

Caonar Metamoforsi Reserve Parachute
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The Conar Metamorfosi Parachute is back!

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The Conar reserve parachute was designed by Angelo Crapanzano in 1999 and now manufactured with the same design and premium quality materials by Moyes Australia.

Pull Down Apex (PDA) design, tested and deployed in free fall. The Conar reserve parachute has a Reversed Apex Cone design located in the vent, this allows the parachute to open quickly, helps to reduce sink rate and improves stability.

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The Conar Metamorfosi parachutes are renowned for the small pack volume, as well as having quick opening times. The designer, Angelo, was big on the "diaper" deployment bag system. The Conar is popular for competition pilots as their harness often have tight parachute pockets.

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Hang Gliding
Suits most hang gliding harness.

Pull Down Apex (PDA) reduces sink rate and opening time.
Reversed Apex Cone further reduces sink rate and opening time, and increases stability.
Lightweight materials facilitates the deployment at low speeds and throwing action.
Free fall tested to 150 meteres, over 180km/hr


Model Gores Weight [kg] Area [m2]
Conar HG16 16 1.68 22.36
Conar HG18 18 2.02 28.38
Conar HG20 20
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