Quantum Series Reserve Hang Gliding Parachute

Quantum Series Reserve Parachute
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The High Energy Quantum Emergency Reserve Parachute is a PDA design (Pull Down Apex), made in the USA by High Energy Sports, and built to withstand freefall opening speeds.

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Betty Pfeiffer and the High Energy team have designed an emergency parachute that has achieved a very low rate of descent, due not only to the drag generated by the reserve but also to the lift created by this revoutionary round aerofoil shape. This added lift is angled in such a way that the inflated parachute is trying to fly away from itself. This accounts for the tremendous stability characteristics of the Quantum Series parachutes as well as the slow rate of descent.  Quantum series reserves are built to withstand freefall deployment speeds, rigorously tested to Parachute Industry standards through actual test jumps (at free-fall speeds!).

The parachute lines are made from a mixture of nylon and spectra in each line. The spectra provides strength, while reducing weight and volume and the nylon provides the optimal level of stretch as desired for high speed deployments.

Read more about the Quantum Parachute in the product specifications below.


Curt's Pro Tip: 

This parachute was featured in the February 2010 Soaring Magazine article by Adam Parer, where he writes about a blow by blow account of being ejected from his hang glider and plummetting at terminal velocity in his harness before chucking his High Energy Parachute to save his ass.  Adam is an awesome guy and an amazing pilot.

Most pilots will never ever need a parachute, and especially one at free-fall speeds as the pilot is typically attached to the damaged hang glider which limits the decent speed....but....it's an easy fix to be prepared.

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Product Details
  • Available in three sizes, 330, 440 and tandem size 550
  • Canopy made from Nylon Ripstop Sport Material
  • Type 18 Nylon Bridle with covered with UV resistant cloth
  • Kevlar reinforcement at apex and skirt
  • Full radial tape along seams
Size QS 330 QS 440 QS 550
Square Footage 330 440 550
Max Weight 150 kg 200 kg 250 kg
Weight -Without deployment
bag and bridle
2 kg 2.4 kg 3 kg
Weight -With deployment
bag and bridle
2.3 kg 2.8 kg 3.3 kg
Line Construction Spectra spliced with Nylon Cord
Radial Seam Reinforcement 1cm Nylon Tape
Centre Line Material Tubular Nylon Webbing
Skirt and Apex Reinforcement Kevlar Tape
Bridle Material Type 25 Nylon covered with UV resistant cloth
Canopy Material Nylon Ripstop Sport Chute

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