High Energy Cocoon Harness

High Energy Cocoon Harness
Price: $890.00

The High Energy Cocoon Harness is the ultimate coastal harness and dune gooning harness, made in the USA, to fit your custom measurements! Select from the options and submit your measurements to order your Cocoon harness.

You can read more about the High Energy Cocoon, and the options for this harness below. If you require assistance, don't hesitate to call or email us.

Include the type and size of parachute you will use in the harness

Measure to floor while wearing flying shoes

Measure from the top of shoulder down the front of the body

From top of armpit to the floor

Measure from the point at which the knee bends

Measure circumference of chest at the bust

Measure the circumference of your hips at the widest point

Lay on florr face up, measure from floor over the chest to the floor on other side, at the widest point. (Do not include arms)

Lay on floor face up, measure from floor over the hips to the floor on other side, at the widest point. (Do not include arms)

Measure length of your flying shoes

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This Item Is Custom Made - Delivery To Be Quoted
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Please allow 5 weeks for the delivery of a custom High Energy Cocoon hang gliding harness.

The High Energy Cocoon Harness makes a great soaring and goon going hang gliding harness. There are lots of options for this harness so you can optimise it to suit your exact needs.

Check out the more about the available options below, and be sure to read Curt's Pro Tip for his suggestion.

Curt's Pro Tip: 

These harnesses are lightweight and great for cruising on the coast. Be advised the cocoon style is not suited for XC flying as there’s limited space (almost none) for pack-up gear, an open style (cold at high altitudes) and more drag due to the many lines.

Product Details
Suitable For: 

Dune Gooning and Coastal Soaring in a hang glider.
Suitable for hang glider pilots rated intermediate to advanced.

  • Continous Webbing
  • Adjustable Leg Pads
  • Reinforced Boot
  • 6000 Pound Mains
  • Parachute Bridle
  • Velcro Guides
  • Back Strap
  • Lower Back Support
  • Line Attachments

Parachute Pocket Options

Standard Parachute Container: Features a front mounted parachute container pocket, with the parachute handle located at the top to the pocket.
Side-door Style Standard Parachute Container: Features a front mounted parachute container pocket, with the parachute handle located on the side of the pocket.
Replaceable Front Flap Parachute Container: The front of this parachute container is completely removable and replaceable using velcro.

Pocket Options

Universal Back Pack: Cocoon Harness Universal Backpack

A built in back-pack so you can carry and protect your harness. Great to stash your helmet and flying gear in too. Can also be used as a handy storage pocket for when you fly.

Stash Pouch: A large pocket on the outside of the harness, located below the parachute pocket. Good for stashing larger items such as a hat.

Note: Since the Universal Back Pack can be used for storing your extra items when you fly, you may not require both pockets.

Harness Options

Boot Clip:

Cocoon Harness Boot Clip

Allows you to clip the apron of the harness up out of the way for take-off. Very easy to unclip once in-flight.

Hook Knife: Includes a hook knife in an easy access pocket located above the parachute container.
Tow Loops: Located between chest and main support line, sewn into the continuous webbing. Used for ground and truck towing.
Aerotow Loops: Located on the shoulder pads, sewn into the continuous webbing
Radio Holder: A holding strap located next to the parachute container, making your radio within reach during flight.
Bridle Cover on Harness Main: A protective sheath for your parachute bridle, to reduce exposure to UV and dirt. Most parachutes come with this feature, so may not be necessary.
Knee Support Poles: These poles create more support for your lower legs while you fly.
Skid Plate Toe Protector: An important option if you plan to fly at a paved airstrip.
Tandem Handles: Located just above the hips on either side, a comfortable location for passengers to hold during launching and in-flight.
Upgrade: Deluxe Gear Bag: A more structured back-pack bag for your harness, with adjustable and padded straps, a loop so you can hang your harness. Along with extra storage pockets.

This harness is custom built to your individual measurements. See Measurement guide for more help on how to measure.

Cocoon Harness Measurement Guide (Download PDF)26.33 KB
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