Moyes Contour Harness

Moyes Contour Harness
Price: $1,997.00

The most versatile hang gliding harness! Why? It's fully enclosed pod-style harness that has a low drag design, but is all about function. A competent beginner pilot can be carefully inducted into this harness, and later progress into more advanced gliders, but taking the Contour harness along for the ride.

Select from the options and submit your measurements to order your Contour harness.

You can read more about the Contour and the options for this harness in the Product Description below. If you require assistance, don't hesitate to call or email us.

Select from Single colour option, or upgrade to the Two-Tone colour option,

Measure to floor while wearing flying shoes

Measure from the top of shoulder down the front of the body

From top of armpit to the floor

Measure circumference of chest at the bust

Measure the circumference of your hips at the widest point

Measure at top of thigh - for leg loop size

Measure length of your flying shoes

Full payment balance due on 18/05/2017
Product Availability and Delivery: 

2-4 weeks is the common wait time for a custom Moyes Contour Harness.

The Moyes Contour Harness is one we recommend to all of our new beginner hang gliding pilots. This hang glider harness is a perfect investment for new pilots, as you won't need to upgrade for some time, if at all. As it's also suitable for Intermediate and Advanced pilots.

The Moyes Contour Harness works great for cross country flying as it has plenty of pockets for your hang glider bags/pads built-in to it's slim design.
The Contour harness is made custom to your individual measurements, which makes it a very comfortable harness.

Standard features that come with the Contour include Aerotow and Ground Tow Loops. The harness also features a slider bar, for easy transition from upright to head-down positions. The single main harness riser also includes a AustriAlpin Delta Steel Carabiner with a breaking load of 3200 kg.

Curt's Pro Tip: 

Shopping for a first harness? Spend the time and money to get a custom made harness made to fit YOU. Besides low-drag and warm, you want to be comfortable in the air (and after you land) so you’ve got a clear head to make good decisions. This harness can be a first harness and is also “clean” (aerodynamic) enough for a comp pilot. 

This harness will soon feel like putting on your favorite pair of jeans. 

After getting a basic induction into your new harness from your instructor, take it home and hang it/yourself up in the garage to get lots of practice of getting upright/prone, and also zipping/unzipping.  

Product Details
Suitable For: 

Beginner and Intermediate Pilots. Great for coastal flying, and flying Cross Country.

  • Five internal pockets, which are great for pack-up gear, a radio and your water bladder.
  • 2 Outer internal pockets
  • Aluminium Frame
    Internal slider bar
  • Single Main Riser
  • AustriAlpin Delta Steel Carabiner 3200 kg
  • Aerotow Loops
  • Ground Tow Loops
  • Continous Webbing
  • One to one head-up attitude adjustment
  • Front or Side Mounted External Parachute Container, or Upgrade to an Internal Side mounted Parachute Container

Moyes Contour Harness Colours

Try out some colour option combinations for your Moyes Contour Harness. Note: colours may vary due to computer monitor settings. Once you have the colour combo of your choice, select from the options in the order form above. Contact Us if you require assistance.

Choose from 13 different colours options. New since 2011 is the two tone colour scheme for the main body of the harness and piping options.

Click to Enlarge Colours

Parachute Pocket Options

The harness comes standard with an external parachute container mounted either on the side or on the chest.  There is an option to upgrade to an internal side-mounted parachute container. Curt's take on the pros and cons of the different container placements:

External Chest Mounted Container:  Easiest to deploy and reach with both hands.  Offers some extra padding in case of a belly flop landing.  Requires an extra step (zip) to get into your harness.

External Side Mounted Container: Side mounted container pocket, which doesn't take up internal space within the harness. A less streamlined option than the internal container.

Internal Side Mounted Container: More streamlined option. A slightly more complex deployment procedure is required than the externally mounted container pockets. This option also takes up a little bit of internal space within the harness cavity.
Note: If you choose for a side mounted (either external or internal) chute container, be sure to opt to have the container on your dominant hand side, unless you have a physical limitation on that side, of course.
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