Moyes Litesport Hang Glider

Moyes Litesport Hang Glider
Price: $7,947.00

The Moyes Litesport is the one of the easier hang gliders to fly out of the true advanced class.  Being kingposted, you'll shave off some of the weight, as well as price.

Also, the Litesport 5 has been redesigned in 2011! After a new sail-cut, frame tweaks and a lot of testing, Gerolf and Steve Moyes have another winner.

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Product Availability and Delivery: 

A custom Moyes Litesport is typically completed in 2-4 weeks. If you are interested, please give us an email to see what the current build-time is.

The Moyes Litesport is a king-posted hang glider offering great cross country and competition performance, with easier handling than the Litespeed models. The Litesport Hang Glider is available in 3 different sizes, able to suit a wide weight-range of pilots.

The handling of the Litesport is improved due the kingpost structure, which creates less weight at the tips. A great glider for experienced recreational and competition pilots, from Intermediate to Advanced. The performance of this glider won't let you down in cross country flying.

Curt's Pro Tip: 

The Moyes Litesport hang glider is not an intermediate’s an easier to fly advanced glider for competent (XC experience) intermediate/advanced pilots. This king posted wing performs better than any other king posted gliders we’ve seen. - and not that far behind most of the topless? models.  The aerofoil kingpost and clever "G-string" (see Spec's) is pretty slick.

Product Details
Suitable For: 

Advanced hang glider pilots and solid intermediate pilots with XC experience who prefer to give up the performance advantage of today's topless? gliders, but to gain some handling advantage along with saving a few bucks.


Moyes Litespeed Hang Glider - Standard Features

  • Durable, white, 205 sq Dacron mainsail
  • Full 7075 series aluminium air frame
  • Aerofoil uprights and a round speed bar
  • Sophisticated, but easy to operate VG system with one luff line and single dive stick for reduced drag and weight 
  • Diverse range afforded by VG and G-string systems.  - VG off = loose, flexible wing with raised tailing edge for launches, landing and thermalling. - VG applied = tight, flat sail for high speed glides.
  • Easy to handle with a comparable glide with most non-king posted gliders
  • Low wing tip inertia due to low weight
  • Automatic compensation: the luff line is linked to the top side wire, the top side wire travels up the kingpost when the VG is loose which causes the luff line to be automatically compensated.
  • The certification testing showed excellent pitch stability readings with this innovative system.
  • Side wires: the top side wire runs through a slider in the kingpost which keeps the side wires tensioned at all VG settings, this enables the glider to have taut instead of loose side wires on take off and a powerful VG
The G-String Compensation system - as the VG is pulled on, the top side wires are lowered, hence lowering the trailing edge via the single luff line. The advanced dive stick design takes advantage of the stiff leading edge, providing more effective support. The single luff line is positioned in from the trailing edge. More of the trailing edge is supported using this system than conventional systems which curl the trailing edge.


Moyes Litesport Hang Glider Specifications

  Litesport 3 Litesport 4
Litesport 5
Area 13 sq. m 13.8 sq. m 14.9 sq. m
Span 9.4 m 9.6m 10m
Nose Angle 127 - 129 degrees
Aspect Ratio 6.8 6.7 6.7
Glider Weight* 30 kg 31.8 kg 32.5 kg
Optimal Pilot Weight 60 kg 75 kg 90 kg
Hook-In Weight 65-85 kg 68-109kg 79-129 kg
Packed Length 4900mm 4950mm 5150mm
Packed Length - Short 3980mm 4330mm 4500mm
Centre of Gravity**
(Front of Keel)
1370mm 1390mm 1430mm
Number of Battens - Top 21
Number of Battens - Bottom 6
VNE 85kph
VA 74kph
Trim Speed 34kph
Stall Speed*** 26kph
Maximum Speed 97kph
Best Glide Speed 40kph
Best Glide Angle 14.1
Glide Angle 10:1 58kph

* Glider Weight is measured from the standard glider. Some upgrade options will result in reducing the glider weight by up to 2kg.

** Quoted Centre of Gravity measurement is for Mylar sails. For Dacron sails, subtract 10mm.

*** Measured at Optimal Pilot Weight


Dacron Dimension Polyant 205 sq

  • White 205 sq Dacron Mainsail


Sail Options

Code Zero Inlaid Sail

  • Semi-transparent smoke coloured mainsail inlaid design
  • PX20 on the leading edge for durability
  • PX10 on the trailing edge for handling
  • Reduced weight by 700 grams over the PX sail.
  • Increased handling and performance
Litespeed Zero Sail
Inlaid Mylar Sail

  • The new Lightweight PX 05 cloth for the mainsail has an internal taffeta and extra fine film of mylar on the inside of the cloth making it the perfect weight for a mainsail
  • Durable and long lasting
  • PX20 on the leading edge for durability
  • PX10 on the trailing edge for handling
  • Sail surface finished with Titanium Oxide to reduce UV effects
Litespeed Mylar Sail
Undersurface Sail

The three panels of Dacron can be custom coloured, with your choice of 16 colour options.



Litesport Hang Glider - Sail Colour Options

Try out some colour option combinations for your new Litesport Hang Glider. Note: colours may vary due to computer monitor settings. Once you have the colour combo of your choice, select from the options in the order form above. Contact Us if you require assistance.

Moyes Litesport Frame Options

Aerofoil Uprights?:

  • Low drag aerodynamic profile 60 mm
  • Anodised bright dip finish
Standard Up Round Speedbar

Aerofoil Uprights with Round Speed Bar?

Zoom Uprights:

  • Extremely low drag aerodynamic profile
  • Extruded 6061 aluminium
  • Can have anodised matt black finish to match Zoom Uprights
Zoom Uprights Black Fast Bar

Zoom Uprights with Black Fast Bar

Round Speed Bar:

  • Round 6061 drawn aluminium tube
  • Anodised bright dip finish
  • Non slip rubber hand grips

Zoom Uprights with Round Speed Bar

Carbon Speed Bar:

  • Aerodynamic profile
  • Hand laid pre-impregnated carbon fibre
  • Internal pressure cured at very high temperatures ensuring an attractive and durable finish
  • Comfortable round hand grips
  • Improved fittings that allow the upright to rotate an extra 45 degrees to avoid the fitting being damaged when the upright is damaged

Zoom Carbon Frame

Zoom Uprights with Carbon Speed Bar

Fast Speed Bar:

  • Low drag aerodynamic profile
  • Silver Aluminium, or can be anodised in a matt black finish to match the Zoom uprights
Fast Speed Bar

Round Uprights with Silver Fast Bar


Moyes Litesport - Carbon Parts Upgrade Options

Carbon Fibre Outer Leading Edge:

  • Lighter than aluminium by approximately 700 grams
  • Decreasing wing tip inertia, thus improving the maneuverability of the glider
  • Same stiffness with improved overall strength
  • Because this weight reduction takes place at the tip of the glider, this option has the most significant reduction in roll inertia of any further change to the glider configuration

Carbon Outer
Carbon Fibre Dive Struts:

  • Weight saving over aluminium by approximately 360 grams
  • Unique design with a spoon bill tip and tapered to the trailing edge
  • Added wall thickness for strength where needed
  • Refined designed to achieve the lightest and strongest product possible
  • As with the outboard leading edges this weight reduction is biased toward the wing tip, thereby having an enhanced effect in the effort to reduce roll inertia
Carbon Dive Struts
Carbon Batten Set:

  • 5 Mainsail battens
  • 2 Undersurface battens
  • Improved stiffness with carbon aids pitch stability
  • Provides improved pitch stability
Litespeed Carbon Battens
Carbon Fibre Inner Leading Edge:

  • Further reduces the overall weight of the glider, by approximately 900 grams.
  • Reduced glider weight translates into improved maneuverability.
Carbon Fibre Inner
Carbon Fibre Leading Edge Inserts:

  • Lightweight yet strong
  • Improved pitch and yaw stability
  • Innovatively incorporates a thin balsa insert for added stiffness
  • Helps maintain an aerodynamic profile between the ribs providing a clean, smooth leading edge surface, especially at high speeds
Carbon Fibre Inserts
Carbon Fibre Keel:

  • Slimline design, low drag carbon fibre keel designed by Gerolf Heinrichs and Theo Klafsky.
  • Pre-impregnated carbon keel consists of a recessed, female pressure formed, keel mid section with modified 'Bailey Block' and a mid section cover to enclose the pull back cables
  • The rear keel incorporates a replaceable plastic 'wear resistant' foot
Carbon Keel


Manufacturer Info: 
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