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Malibu2 Hang Glider Moyes Gliders
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The new Moyes Malibu2 hang glider is now currently available in the 188 size. The Moyes Malibus have created a new surge of advanced pilots wanting to get back to simplicity.

Beginner hang glider pilots love the Malibu because it’s easy to launch, fly, and land.

Advanced (and intermediate) pilots want a Malibu because it can help open the door to fly challenging sites, i.e.. like the sand-dunes during gusty conditions, or learning to top land at places like Bald Hill Stanwell Park.

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The Malibu 166 is available in 5 standard colour schemes. Choose from the standard options in the drop down box above. Or, if you would like to order custom colours, please submit them in the fields below.

Full payment balance due on 18/05/2017
Product Availability and Delivery: 

We typically have a new Moyes Malibu2 in stock, or have another one in the pipeline. Typical wait time for a custom ordered Moyes Malibu2 is about 3-5 weeks.

The Moyes Malibu-2 hang glider is the ultimate dune-flying machine.  Its incredible handling characteristics while flying near stall speed are what make it so sought after. Besides handling, the Malibu2 still delivers some performance to help jump those gaps between dunes.

Thanks to the expertise and attention to detail of designer Gerolf Heinrichs, the Moyes crew have set the benchmark for floater gliders.

The handling and safety of the Mailbu2 make it a great hang glider for dune-gooning for pilots of any level. These features also make the Malibu2 perfect for novice pilots, this glider is everything you will need for learning to ridge soar, aerotow, thermal and fly cross country.

Moyes Gliders explains the design advancements of the Malibu:

Now in it's second generation, the Malibu2 sports a streamlined exterior incorporating a new reinforced trailing edge that blends seamlessly into the leading edge panel for not only a more sophisticated appearance, but also to boost the sail's durability.

This improved sail cut design has created an unmistakable familiar resemblance to the Moyes high performance gliders with its distinct coloured rim tracing around the core? sail.

However, the new Malibu2's innovations are in the details. The trailing edge planform allows the wing, at speeds nearing stall, to redistribute the load, which, frees the wing tips from excessive load burden. The result: guarantees improved control during take off and landing.

We have also developed a unique low-friction ball bearing tip. This improves the glider's renowned easy handling by allowing the wing tip to rotate freely.

Curt's Pro Tip: 

The recent changes to the Malibu2 (from Malibu1) were subtle, which was a smart move.  The improved handling is hard to notice on your average flight, but stands out when soaring the dunes in gusty conditions or climbing in rowdy thermals.   

What makes all of the Malibu gliders (Malibu1 or Malibu2's) stand out is the great handling when flying just above stall speed.  Stall characteristics are incredibly forgiving, and progressive.

For options, you really don't need to bother, as it comes ready to go.  For some pilots, the "faired" uprights? are comfortable on the shoulders and not much more money.

If you are a beginner hang glider pilot, don't bother with the Zoom uprights or carbon bar until your landings are solid, and your wallet is fat.  They're not necessary on the floater class gliders.  These options go really well on the next levels of Moyes gliders where your glide-speeds are faster are consequences of drag are greater.

Product Details
Suitable For: 

Beginner to advanced hang glider pilots looking for aerial fun!

  • Comes standard with a round uprights and a round speed bar
  • Choose from what's in stock, or design your own custom colour combination
  • Lightweight airframe built from 7075 aluminium tube and
  • 15 battens made from 7075 aluminium
  • 4oz Dacron sail
  • Unique leading edge insert manufactured from Mylar and foam - maintaining optimal leading edge shap

Moyes Malibu 2 Hang Glider - Sail Colour Options

Either select the standard colour options or create your own cutoms colour combination for your new Malibu Hang Glider. Note: colours may vary due to computer monitor settings. Once you have the colour combo of your choice, select from the options in the order form above. Contact Us if you require assistance.

Frame Upgrade Options


Aerofoil Uprights with Round Speed Bar

Aerofoil Uprights: low drag aerodynamic profile, 60mm with an andonised bright dip finish.

Round Speed Bar: round 6061 drawn aluminium tube, with an andonised bright dip finish and non slip rubber hand grips


Aerofoil Uprights with FAST Aerodynamic Aluminium Speed Bar

FAST Speed Bar: Low drag aerodynamic profile, extruded aluminium with anodinsed bright dip finish to match the aerofoil uprights.


Zoom Upright with Round Speed Bar

Zoom Uprights: Extremely low drag aerodynamic profile, extruded 6061 aluminium with anodised matt black finish.


Zoom Uprights with FAST Aerodynamic Aluminium Speed Bar



Zoom Uprights with Carbon Fibre Speed Bar

Carbon Speed Bar: Aerodynamic profile with comfortable hand grips. And an improved Zoom bottom fitting that allows the carbon speed bar to fold out an extra 45 degrees.


Malibu 166 Malibu2 188
Area 15.4 sq. m 17.5 sq. m
Span 9.2m 10.1m
Aspect Ratio 5.5 5.8
Optimal Pilot Weight 65 kg 85 kg
Hook-In Weight 72-92 kg 73-110 kg
Glider Weight 23 kg 26 kg

The Malibu 166 is not only smaller in square footage sail area, but also has a smaller control frame which helps "height challenged" pilots. The smaller sized Malibu (166) is good for pilots who weigh up to 75 kgs (in shorts and a t-shirt).
The Malibu2 188 is optimal for pilots who weigh 75kgs to 95kg.

Manufacturer Info: 
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