Moyes Matrix Harness

Moyes Matrix Race Hang Gliding Harness
Price: $3,127.00

SLEEK and comfortable with a extra long carbonfiber backplate, this competition hang gliding harness is flown by many top competitors, even those who are sponsored to fly non-Moyes gliders!

Select from the various harness options and submit your measurements to place your Matrix order.

You can read more about the Matrix Harness in the product details below. If you require any assistance, please contact us.

Select the colour for the main body of the harness

Select a colour from the list if you would like to upgrade to a custom piping colour.

Measure to floor while wearing flying shoes

Measure from the top of shoulder down the front of the body

From top of armpit to the floor

Measure circumference of chest at the bust

Measure the circumference of your hips at the widest point

Measure at top of thigh - for leg loop size

Measure length of your flying shoes

Full payment balance due on 27/05/2017
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This Item Is Custom Made - Delivery To Be Quoted
Product Availability and Delivery: 

Typically allow approximately 12 weeks for delivery of a custom Matrix Harness. Note, sometimes it can take even longer, depending on the list of backorders.

The Matrix and Matrix Race Harnesses are great harness designed for advanced and competition pilots.
Super comfortable, so you can fly long XC tasks, and not be thinking about how sore your back is the whole time.

The Matrix harnesses have a very clean finish, without external pockets and zippers, and the durable Cordura outer skin provides a symmetrical tapered finish adding to the aerodynamic profile.

The parachute container is a semi counter sunk, externally mounted container which can be reached by both hands, and accommodates most smaller packed parachute models. The bridle is routed to a carabiner or to the main webbing attachment point, depending on the type of riser main chosen. The bridle is routed to the main away from the head and neck.

Keep reading for more information about the standard features and specification of the Moyes Matrix Harness.

Download the measuring guide for instructions on the measurements required.

The Matrix Manual is also available to download below.

Curt's Pro Tip: 

The LONG (when compared to the Wills Wing Covert harness, or any other comp harness) carbon fiber backplate makes this harness very:

  • Supportive which translates into comfort, especially noticed by bigger/taller (177cm+) men.
  • Aerodynamic, as the harness remains rigid/straight for the entire length

To save money.... skip out on the "piping" (stripe) option, the "side rear pocket", and the "side front pocket" which are both not reachable while flying.

I recommend getting both zippered aerotow (chest) pockets, and the drogue chute pocket with the pull-out flap.  These pockets are great for lots of things like cameras, snacks, GPS's, etc.

NOTE:  The Moyes Matrx harness, like the Will Wing Covert, is a harness built for competent advanced pilots.  High-end harness are made to fit quite snug and will not get as upright (for landing) as recreational harnesses.  These factors require getting adjusted to.  It's important to practice hanging in the harness in the garage or under a tree before taking flight.  Also, I recommend flying in easy conditions (or glider) on the maiden flights of the harness.

Product Details
Suitable For: 

Get the Moyes Matrix harness only if you are a solid intermediate to advanced rated hang glider pilot.

  • Durable 1000 Denier Cordura Outer Skin
  • Carbon Fibre back plate
  • Hands free adjustment of angle of attack
  • Incorporated slider for upright landings
  • Standard Conventional Riser Main
  • Traveling back-up main system
  • Continuous Webbing across all load points
  • Internal retracting zip up and unzip cords
  • Large Internal Storage Pocket
  • Sleeve Pocket for Water Bladder
  • Internal pockets for a camera and radio
  • Button hole aerotow shoulder tabs (Can be tucked in)
  • Access to internal side panel allows for extra storage space, along with ability to modify the shaping materials.
Additional Matrix Race Only Specs
  • Weight 7.2kg
  • Neoprene Arm Fairings
  • Aggressive taper for added aerodynamics
Additional Matrix Only Specs
  • Weight 7.5kg
  • Removable Boot Skid Protector
  • Less aggressive taper to the boot resulting in more leg room than Matrix Race Model

Upgrade Options: All Matrix Models

  • Zippered aerotow loop pockets
  • Side front top pocket - 1 pocket
  • Side rear bottom pocket - 3 pockets
  • Drogue Chute Pocket
  • Drogue Chute Pocket with pull out deployment flap
  • Waist Tow Points

Upgrade Options: Martix Race Only

  • Riser connected directly to dingle dangle – No carabiner for reduced drag

Moyes Matrix Harness Colours

Try out some colour option combinations for your Moyes Matrix Harness. Note: colours may vary due to computer monitor settings. Once you have the colour combo of your choice, select from the options in the order form above. Contact Us if you require assistance.

Or click to enlarge colour chart below.


The Matrix Harness is built custom to your individual measurement.

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