North Wing Freedom Hang Glider

Northwing Freedom Hang Glider
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Price: $6,750.00

The North Wing Freedom Hang Glider is a high aspect ratio, curved tip, single surface dream machine.

Please select from the options  to place your Northwing Freedom order. You can read more about the Freedom below.  Any other questions, feel free to Contact Us.

*This Upgrade is already included in Full Race Model Option. See below for more details. **Standard with Freedom 220

Select the colour for the Undersurface.

Select the colour for the Leading Edge. Please note: colour option is only available for Dacron

Select the colour for the Main Sail. Please note: colour option is only available for Dacron

Product Availability and Delivery: 

3 weeks delivery (to Sydney) for an in-stock (at North Wing USA) Freedom.

6-8 weeks for a custom Freedom to be made up and shipped here for Warren Windsports to then inspect and test fly.

The price listed includes all of the shipping and taxes to land it, ready for pickup, at the Stanwell Park, Australia.
Please contact us if shipping within Australia is required.  This is surprisingly low priced.

The North Wing Freedom is a great high aspect ratio hang glider, with curved tips and 35% double surface, for added performance to this single-surface style glider. A simple, lightweight glider, with great handling and excellent performance for it's class.

The Northwing Freedom hang glider is a great option for recreational pilots, or seasoned pilots looking for a glider for coastal soaring. The Freedom also makes a brillant glider for novice pilots, and will be suitable for aerotowing and flying cross country in your first comps.

Available in four sizes to cater for a wide range of pilot weights.

The 190 model is the perfect single-surface option for pilots around 95kg or more.

Curt's Pro Tip: 

Advanced hang gliding pilots may consider the North Wing Freedom if you they are looking for a simple easy-to-fly glider for inland XC flights. For a floater-class glider, I was impressed by the amount of performance the Freedom had, along with the light bar pressure and lack of sail flutter at high speeds.  You will definitely see for yourself!

If you are looking to fly the sand dunes, or get the slowest take-off/landing speeds, then I’d stick with the Moyes Malibu.  Looking closely, the floater gliders all land slightly easier then the Freedoms, which don't have quite as wide of "flare window".

The Lowdown on Option Upgrades:  Definitely go for the Comfort Bar (speed bar?), and Flip Tip batons.

  • PX 15 (Sailcloth) Leading Edge: Glide slightly better, STALL speeds 15% higher (run faster!) when wet. - Looks slick.
  • PX 15 (Sailcoth) Mainbody: Glide slightly better, handling is slightly more effort.  Looks slick again.
  • Aerofoil Speedbar:  Not much gain, but a lot more money.
  • Fast Foil Control Bar Frame: - Same as above.
  • Crossbar Fairing: Slight gain, but you'd always have to attach/detach it when you set up and pack up.
  • Full Race:  Unless you are loaded, I wouldn't bother with the Full Race upgrade.

$: The Shipping, Customs, and GST fees add up quickly when importing an overseas glider into Australia. If it's the right glider for you, I wouldn't be put off by the extra cost.

Product Details
Suitable For: 

Hang glider pilots, novice to advanced, that love to fly Cross Country and prefer a wing that's gives full confidence on takeoff and landing.


Standard Features:

  • Standard sail is made with high quality 4.1 oz medium finish Dacron sailclot
  • Safe-edge (Aerodynamic, with rubber backing) Uprights 
  • Round (Straight) Aluminium Control Bar
  • Flip Tip Battens
  • Streamline Kingpost
  • Low-profile Keel Pocket
  • Elliptical Tips
  • Fine-tune Cross-Bar Adjustor
  • Kingpost Hang System

North Wing Freedom - Hang Glider Specifications

  Freedom 150 Freedom 170 Freedom 190 Freedom 220
Area 13.7 sq. m 15.9 sq. m 17.5 sq. m 20.4 sq. m
Span 9.2 m 9.9m 10.6m 10.8m
Aspect Ratio 6 6.2 6.4 5.8
Hook-in Weight 59-95 kg 72-110kg 90-130kg 100-230kg
Glider Weight 21.8 kg 24.5 kg 25.9 kg 36.3 kg



Sail Options

PX10 Mylar Sail Mainbody

PX15 Mylar Sail MainBody
PX15 Mylar Leading Edge


Sail Colour Options

Try out some colour option combinations for your new Freedom Hang Glider. Colour options are only available in Dacron. Mylar materials come in one colour, see above. All Freedom gliders have a Dacron Undersurface, so you must select a colour for the undersurface of your glider.

Note: colours may vary due to computer monitor settings. Once you have the colour combo of your choice, select from the options in the order form above. Contact Us if you require assistance.

Frame Options

Standard A-Frame


  • Round (Straight) Aluminium Control Bar
  • Safe Edge (Aerodynamic) Uprights
 Safe Edge UprightsSafe Edge Uprights
Comfort (Round) Speed Bar? Upgrade (Photo Coming)

Fast Foil A-Frame Upgrade


  • Aluminium Aerofoil Uprights
  • Aluminium Aerofoil Speed Bar

Streamline Crossbar Fairings Upgrade

Safe Edge (Aerodynamic) Uprights
Aerofoil Speed Bar

Flip Tip Batten Set (No Extra Charge)

  • Reduces Drag
  • Easy Set-up
  • Low maintenance

Carbon Reinforced Battens (10 Battens)

The centre 10 battens (5 each side) are lined with carbon fibre reinforcement tubes:

  • Stabilises Batten Camber
  • Increases Stability during Turbulence
  • Improves Glide, Sink Rate and Landings
(Photo Coming)

The North Wing Freedom Full Race Model comes with the following Upgrade Options:

  • PX15 Sail Main Body
  • PX15 Mylar Leaing Edge
  • Flip Tip Battens
  • Fast Foil Control Frame
  • Aerofoil Speed Bar
  • Streamline Cross Bar Fairings


North Wing Freedom Hang Glider Specs (download PDF)367.84 KB
Manufacturer Info: 
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