Wills Wing FlyLite Cocoon Harness

Wills Wing Harness Australia Flylite 3
Price: $990.00

The new in 2013 Wills Wing Flylite3 Hang Gliding Harness. Perfect for dune gooning and coastal flying. Made from 420 denier double-coated diamond rip-stop nylon, the same material as used in the Wills Wing Covert.

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Product Availability and Delivery: 

The estimated build time on a Flylite 3 harness is 10 weeks, add 2 weeks for delivery.
Shipping within Australia and NZ is $25.
Select "arrange pick-up" at the check out to save on additional shipping costs.

The new Wills Wing FlyLite 3 harness has been revamped and totally updated, and the result is a clean, contoured, form-fitting design. The perfect harness style for dune gooning and coastal soaring. The Flylite 3 harness has a tapered and form-fitting cut, comes with lots of options, like a deluxe harness bag, clip boot fastener and a clever line-attachment system.

The FlyLite 3 Cocoon Harness Includes:

  • Custom sizing
  • Deluxe harness bag
  • 420 denier double-coated diamond nylon rip-stop outer body
  • Full length AntronTM cloth interior lining
  • 10,000 pound steel carabiner
  • Front mount parachute container with internal adjustable size baffle
  • High density, ultra durable, ¼" Volara closed cell foam
  • High density foam padded leg loops and shoulder pads
  • Aerotow loops
  • Fastex clip boot fastener
  • Curved aluminum foot-bar
  • Bar supported rigging configuration reduces drag and improves comfort
  • Integral shoulder-backstrap security structure


Curt's Pro Tip: 

WHEN to fly a cocoon hang gliding harness?

Cocoon hang gliding harnesses are lightweight, comfortable, and suited well for coastal flying.  They are ideal for dune gooning as they are quick to get out/upright when a landing is suddenly needed.  Custom made cocoon harnesses support the body well at low altitudes.  Of course a pod harness does not, as it would have to be flown unzipped at the legs to allow mobility.  And, a foot-stirrup (AKA trainer harness) is simply not comfortable for extended duration flights. 

Cocoon harnesses are not ideal for XC flying, as they don't have a whole lot of room for gear bags, are not very aero stream, and don't keep the lower body warm at high altitudes.

If you are going to fly some XC and some coastal and want to buy just one harness, I would get the Moyes Contour harness.   

If you are wish to mostly fly coastal ridges or the dunes (or want a second harness at an affordable price), then I would seriously consider a custom made Wills Wing Flylite 3 Cocoon hang gliding harness.

Techy stuff:

Check out the new line attachment system (in Spec's below) that spreads the load of the lines.  -Clever.

What cocoon to buy, the High Energy or the Wills Wing Flylite3?

The Wills Wing Flylite3's are newly re-designed, so we're giving them a go.  We've seen one of the 1st Flylites and it looked nice and the pilot was happy with the custom fit, and balancing for rocking up and down (slightly) during flight.   With that in mind, we're pushing these at the moment (September 2013).

Finally, whatever your decision, we are happy to help you with the particularities and induction into your new harness.

Product Details
Suitable For: 

Hang gliding; Beginner to Advanced pilots.
Dune Gooning, Coastal Flying, XC Flying


Harness Design

The boot is supported by a curved aluminum foot-bar which makes this the easiest-to-step-into cocoon ever! Unique line-attachment system, utilizing machined aluminum bars to improve support, aerodynamics and aesthetics. The Flylite 3 comes standard with low-profile aerotow loops.

Harness Materials

  • Exterior of the harness is 420-denier diamond nylon rip-stop , the same used on the Wills Wing Covert race harness.
  • Double-coated for superb UV and abrasion resistance and yet also extremely lightweight.
  • Harness interior is strong and durable 400-denier Antron with a smooth non-abrasive finish.
  •  ¼" Volara high-density foam which increases the long-term comfort of the harness and resists compaction.
  • The boot exterior includes a 1000-denier Ballistic cloth reinforcement for light-weight abrasion resistance with minimum bulk.
  • Customized fit using parametric CAD technology

Colour Options:

The standard colour pattern is the harness body as one colour, and another colour panel strip on the parachute container sides. There are four colour options:

  • Black,
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Charcoal


This harness is custom made, please measure with no shoes on and wearing light clothing.

Manufacturer Info: 
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