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Once you have completed your license course and have purchased all of your hang gliding gear, you will be able to fly any hang gliding site that suits your skill-rating. You will join the flying club of your local area, where you'll find a great network of free-flight pilots and future friends, who happily provide further assistance. There are endless possibilities to attend: events, competitions, fly-ins, clinics, and........

Note: we love do both as a hobby, but prefer hang gliding (our passion) over paragliding for a few major reasons:

  • Hang Gliders can fly in much more wind, making it 1) more likely to FLY on the day you want to fly and 2) SAFER if the wind strengthens.  <
  • Hang Gliders can FLY in more turbulent air which is good for 1) strong thermals and 2) saftey.  Hang Gliders do not have the risk of in-air "collapses" like paragliders do. <
  • Hang gliders have a better glide-angle than paragliders, meaning they can FLY more distance, see more, and sample more thermals (FUN!). <
  • Hang gliders can fly almost as slow as a paragliders,  but also MUCH FASTER<
  • Hang gliding feels like FLYING in your dreams!  -controlled by shifting your weight, not pulling on strings...<

Students usually finish courses and are competent, licensed, beginner pilots at around 10-12 training days,

10-12 of training at various Sydney & Wollongong hang gliding sights which includes:

Site introduction and familiarization to sites such as Bald Hill, Stanwell Tops and Hill 60 at Port Kembla.
Personalized instruction, around 6 (student depending) tandem flights, 3 days on the training hills, & 10+ hours of theory. Free use of the latest equipment. Supervised SOARING flights.
A novice rating (student depending) accredited by the Hang Gliding Federation of Australia.  A solid foundation of core? flying skills to build upon.

FUN, and a huge sense of accomplishment.

Hours of AIRTIME, use the latest equipment/techniques, personal instruction.

Warren Windsports offers HOURS of hands-on airtime. This opportunity exists through around 6-8 instructional tandem flights (depending on the student's needs). Tandem instruction is: our specialty, and is an integral component of our training program and essential for the developing pilot. Students more readily absorb and understand flight aspects with an instructor by their side giving crucial feedback at the correct moments.

No. In fact, most local students prefer to complete a their hang gliding course sporadically, over a couple of months. Having this extra time will give you a good chance to learn, absorb, and understand some important concepts (i.e. the weather).

-payable in two installments of $1250, with the option to not pay the second installment, if for some reason you’ve decided hang gliding is not for you.

Also:  Pleas add $125 for two training books, a workbook, and a DVD.

HGFA student membership is included during your course.

When all outcomes (theory and practical) have been satisfied, you will then be fully eligible for a Novice Rating from the Hang Gliding Federation of Australia (HGFA). If you wish to continue into the sport, you will need to join as an annual member of the HGFA which is approximately $300 and includes a bi-monthly magazine and 3rd party insurance.

Most students finish the course within the 10-12 days. 

Note: Occasionally additional instruction and course fees may be required to achieve skills necessary.


Official H.G.F.A Hang Gliding Training Manual $60

The Art of Sky Sailing Book/Workbook/DVD  $65

- About $3000 for a great second hand glider (have your instructor help you inspect and test fly them) and around $5595 for a brand-new Moyes Malibu with custom colors.

You can buy new hang gliders< in the Warren Windsports online store.

All sorts of people fly hang gliders! -I.T. techs, teachers, lawyers, students, surfers, 747 airline captains, landscape artists, doctors…..
The common denominator between them all is that they all “WANT TO FLY”.

No, just about ANY car can do the job!  Hang gliders are not heavy and just need to be supported along the length of the glider. You’ll only need surf racks and a front bumper/hood support rack.  Easy!

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