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Well, both hang gliding and sky diving are fun and we recommend each!

But if you have to choose, hang gliding provides:

30 minute flight Slow & peaceful AND/OR fast & exciting. You get to fly it! Spot marine-life and fly with the Sea Eagles. Experience the sensation of free-flight...like your dreams. No fossil fuels required.

Yes, we typically have 2-4 tandem hang gliding instructors available to fly.

SEASONS: We hang glide tandem and solo all year long and have amazing flights every month of the year. Winter (Southern Hemisphere) has good flying but definitely doesn't get as many days of the week as other times of the year.

TIME OF DAY: Sunrise to sunset in the summer is often good for hang gliding in the summer.
Ten AM to three PM is often a good time to fly in the heart of winter.
The wind direction is most affected by the big-scale scenario, ie., the weather systems that move across Australia.

Hang gliding is definitely weather dependent, but magic when we score. The forecasts these days are very accurate 5 days in advance, helping you plan for your scheduled upcoming tandem flight.
Our gift vouchers are valid for one year and currently are extended for an extra 3 months.

It's no problem to take your hands off of the controls - as long as you're away from any nearby objects! The hang glider will recover on it's own every time! Training is just needed to launch and land the hang glider. That's what the tandem pilot is for!

By the way, the hang gliders cannot get into an unrecoverable dive or spiral. They are self-righting. Of course, proper care needs to be taken by each pilot to ensure they fly responsibly, within their own window of capability.

We offer tandem hang gliding flights at Bald Hill, Stanwell Tops, at the southern tip of the Royal National Park. This lookout is a popular destination on the northern end of the Grand Pacific Drive.

We also offer tandem flights and instruction from Hill 60 at Port Kembla. These flights provide spectacular views of the "Five Islands" and Port Kembla Beach to the south. Pelicans often share the coastal air with us while flying at Hill 60.

The most common analogy is “it’s like my dreams”.

No, not one so far! -over 6000 tandem flights
We always give the option to the passenger to tell us if they’d like to go down and land, just after take-off. -No requests so far...

Well, it’s NOT a falling or hanging sensation…it’s a flying sensation! -The scariest part of the flight is thinking about it.

Nothing but a controlled, smooth, gliding decent to the beach. Hang gliders (and all aircraft) create their own "airspeed?" from gravity...and gravity never sleeps.

No! It takes a light touch, not lots of muscle. Hang gliding tandem with a good onshore breeze is not physically demanding whatsoever. We’ve shared the experience with many seniors, children, and folks with physical challenges. EVERYONE deserves to fly!

Easily....using a light input from your upper body to shift your weight that is suspended in the harness
Turns: Pull/push your body in the direction that you wish to turn.
Airspeed?: Pull in (nose down) to speed up. Push out (nose up) to slow down.

We often hang glide side-by-side with Sea Eagles and Pelicans. Also, we spot a wide range of marine life like sting rays, dolphin, whales, sharks, schools of fish….
Sometimes we see clouds forming and if we're extremely lucky we might spot a "glory", which is a small circular rainbow around our shadow that's casted on a cloud below. Amazing!

No, it’s about the amount of wind you hear in your ears when riding a bicycle. It’s easy to have a chat with each other when flying tandem.

Two ways...
Ridge/mechanical lift: the wind reflecting off of an object and moving upward
Thermal lift: a column of rising air, caused from the ground heating

Top end: 50-90 mph (80-140kph) , depending on the pilot and glider.

At Stanwell Tops, we need somewhere between a South to an East wind, from about 10 knots and ABOVE
For Hill 60, Port Kembla, we need a somewhere between a North and an East wind.
Note, we can fly safely with no wind at all, but may not stay up for an extended time.

By flying both of the major flying sites, we're able to maximize the flying opportunity.

Light rain is ok. But flying near building “storm-cells” is NOT cool.

If you wake up and it's raining, don't call the whole thing off YET! We often get beautiful days/flights from mornings that started out dreary. The most important factor of the weather is the WIND forecast. The rain, clouds, and sun may come and go many times throughout a day, providing epic opportunities.
IF, the day does get called off because of the wind forecast (direction mostly)....no problem. Just pick another date you’d like to book, or we’d be happy to help you pick a day in the next few days that looks suitable.

NOTE: We often fly! By using BOTH of the major hang gliding sites of the area, Stanwell Tops AND Hill 60, we provide the opportunity to fly with a wide range of wind conditions.

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