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Warren Windsports Australia offers pilot development clinics, called Advanced Training Clinics (ATC), for already rated hang glider and paraglider pilots.

Ground Towing ATC<

Get the knowledge, skills, and ratings to tow your hang glider or paraglider behind a various types of specialised winches imported from the USA. With the right instruction, ground towing can become an easy and affordable way for pilots to get airborne.

Aerotowing Hang Gliders ATC<

Learn tow your glider behind microlight aircraft that have been designed and built specifically for towing hang gliders. Aerotowing has gained popularity worldwide because of the capability of the tow plane to take hang gliders right to the lifting air, translating into AIRTIME!

Other Advanced Training Clinics Available<

Cross Country Instruction - Become confident in finding and using thermal lift to gain altitude and fly from cloud to cloud in your hang glider, achieving longer flight distances for personal bests.

Landing Clinics - Touch up your landing technique for landing in various types fields, winds, and hang glider types.

Hang Gliding Tours - Fly, Travel, Learn!  Load up in the Van and fly a range of hang gliding sites with other pilots, while getting instruction and assistance all along the way.

Parachute Safety Night - Practice deploying your hang gliding or paragliding parachute from your harness while experiencing simulated turbulence. Learn how to reinstall your parachute into the harness envelope. Get educated about preventing and possibly dealing with an emergncy situaton.

VHF Radio Rating - Get the know-how and rating to use and communicate effectively on the VHF Airband Frequency while flying your hang glider or paraglider near registered airports.

Course Application Process

To apply to attend an Advanced Training Clinic with Warren Windsports please:

  1. Check out the Event Section for currently listed Advanced Training Clinic dates, pricing and details.<
  2. Please also read through our Advanced Training Policies.<
  3. Register your Interest online if you see an Advanced Training Clinic that you would like to attend.<
  4. If the Clinic you are looking for is not listed or has no spaces left, please register an expression of interest, so that we may develop another Clinic.<
  5. If you are accepted into an ATC, you may pay for the Advanced Training Clinic in our Online Store.<

If you have any other questions, please contact us<.

Lock-in and solidify your flying skills.

Rack up some airtime and landing practice towards your next rating.

Register your Interest in attending Advanced Training Clinics<.

Pay for Ground & Aero Towing ATCs online now<.

Suitable For: 

Novice, Intermediate, & Advanced Rated Hang Glider or Paraglider Pilots

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