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Below are some of the Manufacturers of outstanding hang gliding, paragliding and adventure sports gear that Warren Windsports Australia proudly promotes, uses or sells.

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AirBorne Australia

Redhead near Newcastle NSW Australia
AirBorne Australia

Australian dealer for the Airborne line of hang gliding equipment manufactured in Newcastle NSW, Australia, that's just 3 hours north of the Warren Windsports home base, Stanwell Park.  The... - (read more...)

Hang gliders and microlight aircraft

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Brauniger Variometer

Brauniger Flight Instruments

Brauniger Flight Instruments (owned by Flytec of Switzerland) are used around the world by hang gliding, paragliding, and ballooning pilots. Besides selling these variometers, Warren Windsports... - (read more...)

Flight Instruments, Variometers

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Flytec Variometers

Flytec Hang Gliding flight instruments

Australian Dealer of Flytec Swiss made Flight Instruments - Flytec Switzerland is the parent company of both Flytec and Brauniger Flight Instruments which are hands-down the world's leaders in... - (read more...)

Variometers and Flight Instruments for paragliding, hang gliding, and ballooning

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High Energy Sports

Anaheim near Los Angeles USA
Quantum High Energy hang gliding and paragliding parachute emergency reserve

Australian importer and dealer for the parachute and harness line from High Energy Sports products.

While flying in the USA, Curt has attended some eye-opening and informative parachute... - (read more...)

Parachutes for hang gliding and paragliding, hang gliding harnesses, and powered parchute wings

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Icaro Helmets

Sangiano Italy
Icaro 4fight hang gliding helmets

Warren Windsports are the exclusive Australian Icaro Helmet Importer for the Italian helmet line used for extreme sports and snow sports.  In 2009, Curt and Louise toured the Icaro factory in... - (read more...)

Extreme sports helmets for hang gliding, paragliding, microlighting, paramotoring, snowboarding, downhill skateboarding, & street luge

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Icom Radios Australia

Japan - Australia
Icom UHF and VHF radios Australia

Clear & reliable communication is often crucial! The Warren Windsports team depends on Icom Radios for solo instruction, big Cross Country soaring flights, as well as competitions.

- (read more...)
IC 41S (UHF-CB) and IC A15 (VHF Airband) compact hand held radios

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LARA Reserve Parachutes

Wildomar near Los Angeles USA
Reserve Canopies for paragliding and hang gliding

Free Flight Enterprises manufactures the LARA Reserve Parachutes.  This company has an origin of skydiving that has included the design, testing, and production of reserve canopies for free-... - (read more...)

Parachute Reserves for hang gliding and paragliding

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Moyes Delta Gliders

Botany Bay near Sydney NSW Australia
World Class Hang Gliders

The Warren Windsports team work very closely with the Moyes factory and
family that are based in Botany near Sydney NSW. Curt has been representing Moyes Gliders in the competition scene... - (read more...)

Hang gliders and hang gliding harnesses

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North Wing Hang Gliders

Wenatchee by Chelan Washington USA
Northwing Hang Gliders Australia

Australia's importer and dealer for North Wing hang gliders from the USA.  North Wing builds a range of light aviation products, with most being "light trikes" and hang gliders.  Even... - (read more...)

Hang gliders and ultralights

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Ricoh Cameras

Aerial photography

Warren Windsports is currently using the GX and GXR series of cameras for all of the aerial photography of the tandem hang gliding flights.  These cameras stand out because of their super... - (read more...)

Compact cameras for aerial photography

Wills Wing

Orange near Los Angeles USA
Wills Wing - It's All About The Flying

Australian dealer and service support for Wills Wing, USA's biggest hang gliding manufacturer.  Curt's past experience teaching hang gliding at many airparks in the USA (1999-2004) has given... - (read more...)

Hang gliders and hang gliding harnesses

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