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Buy Tandem Gift Voucher 6 Month Extension

Haven't had a chance to even book your flight? Or suddenly have to travel overseas for some time. Don't worry if the expiration date is looming, you can purchase more time with a 6 month gift voucher...
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Product Category: Warren Windsports
WWS Tandem Voucher Extension $85.00

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Product Category: Miscellaneous Payments
Australian Hang Gliding Store $0.00

Performance Flying

Performance Flying is written by Denis Pagen, and also includes insights from expert pilots around the world. The book covers techniques for improving your flying skills in a variety of contexts;...
Product Category: Hang Gliding and Flying Books
Performance Flying Book Dennis Pagen $50.00

Secrets of Champions

Dennis Pagen's book, The Secret's of Champions, is such a great resource, as it draws from so many pilots, who all have very different experiences and styles, so you have a huge cross section of...
Product Category: Hang Gliding and Flying Books
The Secrets of Champions Hang Gliding Book $50.00

Understanding The Sky

Written by Dennis Pagen, this book is a comprehensive guide to the sky, including properties of the air, and how the atmosphere works, including both southern and northern hemisphere patterns....
Product Category: Hang Gliding and Flying Books
Understanding The Sky Book Pagen $50.00
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