Dave May

Dave May at Tumut NSW
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I grew up in Canberra & on the South Coast of NSW Australia, competing and participating in many many different sports.  I really do love nature and all exciting outdoor activities.

I swing around in trees (arborist) to make make my fun tickets.  Back in Canberra and at the age of 25 I tried Hang Gliding, and after my first high flight I thought to my self 'This sport has everything', and I was completely hooked.

I'm now trying to find the balance between work and play, so i work just enough to pay the bills and devote the majority of the rest of my time to the this awesome sport. I am driven by the pure enjoyment of Flying Hang gliders.

And I find hang gliding gets exponentially more incredible and enjoyable the better you get.

Canberra, ACT Australia
Hang Glider/s: 
Moyes Litespeed RX 3.5
Favourite Gear: 
  • Australian National Hang Gliding Team 2010
  • 300 km flight from Geary's Gap, Lake George
Hang gliding of course!!, the outdoors, laughing & socializing with friends, good food & wine.
My future goals is to continue to progress at the sport and therefore stay in the Aussie team, set some distance records around the some of my local sites and fly all over the world with fun people.
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