Louise Warren

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Manages bookings and Accounts. Expert tandem passenger

I was born and raised in Otford, NSW Australia, the neighborhood adjacent to the Bald Hill launch site.  I grew up seeing the hang gliders in my "back yard", but finally went for my first tandem hang gliding flight with Curt in 2002 from Bald Hill. 

I loved it, and have now flown many times/places but always prefer to fly as a passenger, tandem with Curt or one of the Warren Windsports team. 

Even though I don't fly solo, I really love the lifestyle of seeing new flying sites, and meeting some many friendly pilots from around the world.

Stanwell Park, NSW Australia

Bachelor of Education, Physical & Health Education, University of Wollongong, 2008

Favourite Gear: 

My new High Energy Coccon harness for tandem flights!


Team Leader, 2009 Australian Hang Gliding Team

Surfing, hiking, and traveling
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