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Passenger Comments

Tony Masters

Sydney NSW Australia

4 Nov 2012

Dear Curt,
I wanted to congratulate you on a fantastic aero-towing event.

We couldn't have had better weather, some interesting and challenging conditions, smooth and bumpy tows and such fantastic thermals everywhere. One could have stayed up all day except one had to rush back for more tows!

Your constant advice was both informative and reassuring in a light-hearted but in a firm way. Safety first and be prepared for the unexpected.

The place was great, and Steve was a wonderful tow pilot, compensating for our early mistakes and gradual confidence and knowledge of how to do aero-towing. I came away enthusiastic about towing, about Gulgong as a beautiful place and a great bunch of co-pilots with whom I enjoyed flying with.

I am sure the other pilots felt the same way. Hopefully guys we will flying together soon.

Thanks for everything.
Best regards Tony

Type of Activity: Hang Gliding Training

Howard Taylor

Canberra ACT

4 Nov 2012

Hi Curt

I totally agree with what Tony and you have said, it was a great learning experience and sh!t loads of fun.

And thanks to Ian for putting up with us and making us so welcome.

I'm IN for any future aerotow sessions!


Type of Activity: Hang Gliding Training

Mark Sullivan

Canberra ACT Australia

4 Nov 2012

Hey Curt,

Best course I've ever done!


Type of Activity: Hang Gliding Training

John Pascall

Coogee ( Sydney ) NSW, Australia

9 Apr 2012

Hi Curt,

Cheers again for the great weekend at Gulgong. The inland tour in October/November sounds like fun too - keep me in the loop!

Type of Activity: Hang Gliding Training

Drewe Waller

Sydney Eastern Suburbs, Australia

9 Apr 2012

Hey Buddy,
I'd like to say Thank YOU!!! for getting me into the air safely. The aero tow clinic was fully sick and I can't wait to tow again soon.



Type of Activity: Hang Gliding Training

Daniel Heckenberg

Otford, NSW, Australia

31 Dec 2011
Excellent Cookie Clinic

I'm just back from a fantastic four days of flying at Forbes at the XC Clinic with Curt, Johnny and a great set of other pilots. This was my first venture into cross-country flying and to do so with the advice and experience of these pilots was an extraordinary opportunity.

Each day started with a debrief of the previous day's flying with discussion of strategies and even examination of track logs from some of the pilots. Then we'd have a comp style task briefing with a full discussion of the details of the weather and how best to approach the task and conditions.

At the ideal launch time we'd have a red-carpet run to the head of the tow queue and launch with radios to discuss the flight in progress. It was a like a comp but where everyone is on your team!

In this environment I had my first out-landings and each day improved my climbs and distances. On the last day I managed to reach a turn point... hopefully the first of many!

Many thanks also to Vicki Cain, the tow pilots and drivers for all their hard work!


Type of Activity: Hang Gliding Training

Rohan Taylor

Bilgola, NSW, Australia

31 Dec 2011
Hang Gliding NSW Reviews

Hi Curt,
Once again many thanks for a great 4 days of flying on the XC Clinic.

It's hard to know which was the best, the great (much needed) flying advice, the cookie awards, the priority launching, the closing dinner or your margaritas!

Regardless, it was fantastic flying with you and Jonny and all the new flying friends. As always, you manage to ensure not only are we out there learning and honing our skills, but all having a great time doing so. Thanks!

Type of Activity: Hang Gliding Training

Stuart McElroy

Forbes XC Clinic December 2011

31 Dec 2011

The dust is settling after the Forbes Flatlands Competition and what fantastic preparation the four day XC Clinic was for the event!

Having only been signed off earlier in the year I felt desperate for a bit of wisdom from two of the worlds best (Curt Warren and Jonny Durand Jr) to bring all the pieces of the flying puzzle together - linking the hang gliding course with the aerotow clinic with thermalling with running the electronica gizmos with going XC with landing safely - all whilst having a great time!

Each of the four days started with a briefing and then opportunities to gain specific and relevant answers to a host of XC related questions. Afterwards it was off for an XC flight with goals up to 60km away. This is where the experience of Curt and Jonny really shined - shepherding us through the skies, often drilling down to find a thermal to save a participant, endlessly providing handy hints to fly more efficient and to find the next climb.

I came away from the clinic with enough experience and confidence to think 'I can do this'. Must have worked as in the Sports Class I got 5 day wins, 3 goals (up to 104km), numerous PBs....and won the Sport Class event!!

Curt and Jonny - thanks guys, I'll be back next year with a bunch of new questions!

Stuart McElroy,

Type of Activity: Hang Gliding Training

Jon Merli

Melb, Vic, Aus.

28 Dec 2011
Hang Gliding NSW Reviews

Flying at Forbes with Curt and Jonny was not only heaps of fun but also a great learning experience. Without a doubt the Forbes XC Clinic helped me do better at the Corryong Cup the following week.

Type of Activity: Hang Gliding Training

Paul Steen

Sydney, NSW, Australia

13 Aug 2011
Hang Gliding NSW Reviews

I can't give enough credit to my instructor Curt. He provides just the right mix of tempering irrational enthusiasm with constant pressure to push beyond what's comfortable.
I think my wife thought that after getting my first high-flight yesterday, I'd sorta be satisfied and not quite so obsessed with the flying, but it's quite the opposite. Yesterday was just like throwing fuel on the fire. So hoping for another good day soon!

Type of Activity: Hang Gliding Training


Sydney, NSW, Australia

8 Mar 2011

Thanks for a great session today.
I feel you and the boys have helped me overcome a major hurdle in my progress.

Type of Activity: Hang Gliding Training

fred smeaton

Woonona, NSW, Australia

2 May 2010

I flew the northern end of wanda sand dunes today. Drove to boat harbour at kernell peninsular & parked on the beach. It cost $20 between 3 of us but let us set up in the right spot with the wind pretty much straight on the dunes.

Craig, a bloke called mitch from sydney & myself were the only ones to take it on as the others had to go places. Did a couple of 800m runs in the one direction first just to get the hang of it. By this time the wind had switched slightly cross which meant flying south had a fair downwind component. Eventually got the downwind turn sorted, then it was on for young & old soaring over 800m in both directions. Only gave it away as we ran out of daylight hours.

Had so much fun despite my glider & harness being full of sand on pack-up. Think I need to con judy in to letting me buy an old fun for duning with. We'll see.

Driving home I got to thinking about how the solid training you have provided, enabled two low time pilots to assess a new site & fly it safely.

Type of Activity: Hang Gliding Training

Craig March

Camden, NSW, Australia

20 Apr 2010

THANK-YOU for an awesome weekend of flying! Safe, professional, friendly and fun is what I love about your courses. AWESOME EFFORT, and It was fantastic to be hanging with a GREAT bunch of guys for the 4 or so days, and I LOOK FORWARD to more fun times with yourself and the boys when we venture into more flying together.

I'm still on a HIGH from Forbes & can't wait for the next time I put the glider on racks, knowing that I'm going Hang Gliding again!!

Type of Activity: Hang Gliding Training

Craig March

Sydney, Australia

6 Jan 2010

Thanks Louise and Curt for helping me get back into this great sport of hang gliding. I'm having an absolute ball doing training with Curt, and I look forward to many flying adventures with you guys in the future.

Type of Activity: Hang Gliding Training

Timothy Ettridge

Groveland, FL USA

9 Dec 2009

THANK YOU...for an absolutely amazing, fabulous, incredible, cool, amazing (did I say that already?), wonderful and amazing (really, it was) time.

For you to best understand how much all your graciousness and hospitality and help means to me, you should understand something of my recent past. I had big plans for last summer: three months in Europe centered around the Worlds. It was, surprisingly to me, not as grand of a time as I had anticipated it would be. Because of that, I'd begun to wonder after I got home in September if I'd gotten myself into the same situation again with a plan for three months in Australia. I even contemplated canceling the whole idea.

Let me tell you I am so glad I didn't, for this trip has been turning into one of the best times of my life. I am having a blast here.

Big on the list of reasons why (if not probably the biggest) was that initial Stanwell flight: my dreams of hours of effortless ridge soaring in a hangglider finally coming true...and over a spectacular site at that, not just some boring dune of sand.

Today (despite it's errors and lessons thankfully learned without consequence) was also a significant occasion. The second launch, completely unassisted with all the timing called on my own judgment, was a big step, too. Curt, I thank you for not helping me with the launches. Your timing was (no surprise) appropriate and very beneficial. I'd have had you calling the shots time and time again but you chose to wean me for my own good...and it FEELS GOOD.


Thank you both in ways I cannot express.

Type of Activity: Hang Gliding Training

Adam Dees

Sydney, NSW Australia

31 Jan 2009

Thank you for being so quick to organise my refresher course to get me back in the air.
I had a great time and you really helped me get my confidence back, I know feel more than capable of going solo again. It is great to know that you are there to advise and guide me whilst I am flying and what equipment to buy.

You have a great way of teaching and I felt safe and understood every thing you talked about, you explained things perfectly I couldn't ask for a better teacher and mentor.

Type of Activity: Hang Gliding Training

Peter Dower


26 Mar 2008
Hang Glider with Instructor and Students

This is just a note to say "Thanks" for all your efforts over Easter at Tumut. Thanks heaps for running the Aerotow training.
I found you easy to understand and your comments and critques very helpful.
I now feel confident in my newfound towing skills and was even praised by tug pilots at the event.
I will definatly recommend anyone to train with you.

Again, thanks.

Type of Activity: Hang Gliding Training

Chris Gerrans

Sydney, Australia

6 Feb 2008

Just a quick note to say thanks so much for your all your help over the last month… My first flight from Bald Hill was one of the great thrills of my life!... Our six tandems and hours of one-to-one ground handling meant there were no real surprises when I got up there by myself – which was great. I’m so grateful that you have introduced me to this sport in such a calm, capable and confident way. Through the learning process, I’ve never felt scared or out of my depth. It’s a teaching program other sports should follow.

The other thing about hang gliding that I really enjoy is its wonderful ‘helping’ culture. I’ve already observed many great acts of friendship and support on the hill.

And it’s been a real pleasure spending time with you and Louise. I’m sure the sport will benefit greatly from your positivity, enthusiasm and knowledge. I’m keen to be part of hang gliding for many years to come. Look forward to more great experiences.

Type of Activity: Hang Gliding Training

Guy L’Estrange

Southern Higlands, NSW Australia

1 Feb 2008

I just wanted to say a massive thanks for the help you’ve given me getting back in the air after a ten year lapse of flying. After such a shitty experience learning to fly with the instructor I had 10 years ago, I was a little nervous about what to expect from my instructor (you) this time round. I could not have been more pleased with the way you handled things during the refresher. I felt completely safe the whole time. You have a have a great style of teaching which relaxes people and a use very simple but straightforward teaching method. Your method for remembering safety checks is so simple as well. As a outdoor guide myself, I can tell when other instructors know what they’re talking about or are full of shit. I feel you are one of the most competent instructors I have ever been with. I would and have recommended you to other people who are interested in learning to fly.

Thanks again for igniting that spark of flight.

Type of Activity: Hang Gliding Training

Adam Diesel

Sydney, NSW

4 Jan 2008

Thanks for all your advise and teaching me to get up flying again ,can't tell you how happy I am.
See you soon hope saturday comes good.

Type of Activity: Hang Gliding Training
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