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Passenger Comments

Steve Cronin

New Zealand & Northern Rivers when in Aussie

25 Jan 2014

Hi Guys,

just wanted to say thanks for the pro tips on those Whoosh Wheels. ("I'd have to say wheels are cheapest and most effective form of hang gliding insurance.") After reading your pro tip on them I bought a set for my new Malibu back in 2011 and after one not so pretty landing they paid for themselves and saved my bacon big time. I don't ever fly without them now.

Always great gear, and service.

cheers s

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Zhenshi van der Klooster

Bright, Victoria Australia

9 Feb 2013

You rock. Im so excited about a new generation of pilots in the world.
Thanks for awsome support and chat soon.

Zhenshi van der Klooster
Organiser, Women With Wings 2013



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Colin Jackson

Melborne Victoria

13 Jan 2013

Hi Curt and Louise.
Thanks for sending the hang gliding wheels promptly when they came in. Were able to pick them up no worries at Corryong post office. They did a great job...I won the floater class in the comp!!!
Thanks again

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Robert Wilton

Beechmont QLD Australia

12 Jan 2013

Thanks guys the order arrived Fri, set it all up as per the instructions in no time and test flew in the afternoon. Excellent piece of kit. Comfortable in the helmet and easy to use in the air.



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Simon Plint

NSW Australia

2 Nov 2012

It arrived today and I just flew in on the coast. Perfect fit. Great service. Thanks


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Allan Bush

Blackheath, Blue Mountains, NSW

22 Oct 2012

Hi Curt,

It was good to get in the air with my new hang glider on Saturday. I definitely know I made the right choice.



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Michael Free

Sydney NSW

12 May 2012


Thanks for the 'new' glider it does fly fantastic.
My old SX4 must have deteriorated more than I realised as well - The
difference is very noticeable!


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Sebastian Bergkesse

Victoria Australia

18 Aug 2011

Hi Curt,

I received the reserve chute that you ordered for me on Tuesday
and had it fitted by Joe.

Would just like to say thank you so much for ordering and organizing
shipment in such a small amount of time, I really appreciate it !

Off to thaw out and fly in Bali now !


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Peter Clarke

Tasmania, Australia

25 Mar 2011

Got the helmet....... tried and feels great on the hang glider, and also on the high performance electric motor bike!

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Richard Carstairs

Victoria, Australia

26 Mar 2010

I’ve just received the new helmet. Obviously haven’t flown with it yet but I have absolutely no doubt that I made the right decision. It’s very comfortable. I’m looking forward to testing it in flight at Birchip next weekend.

Thanks for all the advice. I just love it.

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Don Bremner

Newcastle, NSW, Australia

17 Mar 2010

The hang gliding helmet arrived today. Thank you very much, it has arrived in excellent condition. I did think it was funny that it had a fragile sticker on the box though. The last thing I want any helmet to be is fragile! I get why you did it, but it was funny to see. The helmet fits perfectly, and is amazingly light and comfortable. I love it. I hope to get some air this weekend, where I will be able to test it.

Thanks again, and keep me in mind if you ever have a sale on your basic varios ; )

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Craig Taylor

Sydney, NSW, Australia

14 Feb 2010
Craig flying his Northwing Freedom 150 hang glider in Sydney, Australia

Thanks Curt for all your help in getting my Northwing Freedom 150 Mylar sail single surface glider. It is a real joy to fly, quick to set up and easy to land. It has a far better glide than any single surface glider I've ever flown, including the Malibu, Relax, Falcon and Fun. Its performance seems more similar to an intermediate glider such as a Sonic, but lands more slowly and is lighter to carry and quicker to set-up. The Freedom really excels in cross country flying- thanks to the lifty single surface wing it climbs very quickly in thermals, yet still has great glide- I was able to get 10:1 in light air. Whilst it also flies well on the dunes, it is not as slow and floaty as the Fun or Malibu, which in my opinion make them better dune wings. But for fun stress-free everyday ridge soaring or cross country flight, I would thoroughly recommend the Freedom.

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Stuart and Fiona


8 May 2009

The shirts arrived today. Thanks heaps they look fab.
Good luck with the championships - I look forward to reading all about it on your website.

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