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Warren Windsports Hang Gliding School, in NSW Australia, offers Learn To Fly Novice Hang Gliding Courses and Advanced Training Clinics for hang glider pilots looking to sharpen their skills and progress their ratings. To apply as a student please send your application< for assessment.

Learn To Fly - Courses & Training Clinics

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Advanced Hang Gliding Training

Warren Windsports Australia offers Advanced Training Clinics (ATC), for rated hang glider and paraglider pilots wanting to development and advance their knowledge and Hang Gliding & Paragliding skills. Professional expert tuition with world-class competition pilots.

Novice, Intermediate, & Advanced Rated Hang Glider or Paraglider Pilots

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Learn To Fly - Hang Gliding Lessons NSW

Warren Windsports Hang Gliding School NSW Australia

Novice Students, Learning to hang glide solo

3-2-1 Take Off!
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Hang Gliding School - Training Policies

Training Policies & Procedures

Advanced Training Policies

Warren Windsports ATC -Advanced Training Clinic
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Novice Training Policies

Read about how to become a student of the Novice Training Course and learn to fly solo with Warren Windsports Hang Gliding School NSW Australia -  Hang Gliding Federation of Australia approved training facility .  Fees, inclusions and requirements.
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Competition Terms and Conditions

2016 Forbes Easter Competition
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Fly and Beach Holiday Prize Draw

For the contest on our Blog "Win our Fly & Camp Beach Holiday
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