Hang Gliding Weather Forecasts, Observations & Information

Follow the website links to check the weather for solo and tandem hang gliding and paragliding conditions in Sydney, Wollongong, Stanwell Tops and other regional flight sites in NSW Australia.

Check for tips and more information from Curt Warren that will help you read the weather and make informed decisions when flying.

Tandem Flight passengers and beginners - also read weather notes for more assistance<.

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An easy-to-read seven day forecast for Sydney, NSW's wind, surf, tide, moon, and more. The wind UP at the takeoff site is often about 30% stronger than forecasted. -Winds increase with altitude. Be sure to drag your cursor over the wind-arrows...Read WWS tips & more...

Go To: Seabreeze Sydney Wind
Seabreeze Weather Forecast

BOM Illawarra Coastal Waters

A straight-forward four-day coastal waters forecast from the Bureau of Meterology. We look at both "Sydney Coastal Waters" & "Port Hacking to Ulladulla"

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Forecast Go To:
BOM Coastal Waters

BOM Wind Maps

7-day surface-wind speed and direction plotted on Australian regional maps.

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Forecast Go To: Australia Wind-Maps
BOM Wind Maps

4 Day Chart

Australian national weather chart plotting the isobars, fronts and troughs. A trained eye can get a ton of info from these charts.

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Forecast Go To: Australia 4Day Charts
BOM Synoptic Chart


Detailed in-land soaring forecasts for the serious XC pilot, where regional trends in winds-aloft, updrafts, and clouds are predicted over the next couple of days.  One advantage to these weather charts is they can easily show upper winds (...Read WWS tips & more...

Forecast Go To: BLIPMAP-Chart
NSW RASP Blipmap

Bald Hill Weather Station

The live weather station at the Bald Hill, Stanwell Tops, hang gliding site which is provided by the Stanwell Park Hang Gliding & Paragliding Club. If you can't be there, it's the next best thing.

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Observations Go To: Bald Hill Weather Station

Stanny Cam

The Stanwell Park webcam captures live images the Bald Hill hang gliding and paragliding flying site and the local weather.  Stanny Cam is provided by Warren Windsports for all of the Stanwell Park Hang Gliding &...Read WWS tips & more...

Observations Go To: Stanny-Cam Bald Hill Webcam
WebCam Nov 2011 Hang Gliding Stanwell Bald Hill

Bellambi Point Observations

The weather station about 10 kilometers south of Stanwell Park and five kilometers north of the Hill 60 hang gliding site in Port Kembla.

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Observations Go To: Bellambi Observations
BOM Observations Bellambi


Check the Radar Loop Map for storm cells in the Sydney and Wollongong NSW region before you launch your hang glider or paraglider from Bald Hil, Stanwell Park and Hill 60, Port Kembla.

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Observations Go To: Sydney NSW Radar Map
BOM Radar Image
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