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Why is the weather so important for hang gliding?

In order to go hang gliding, either as a tandem passenger or solo pilot, we need to have certain wind and weather conditions.  The Warren Windsports team uses all of the links on the Weather Links list page<, Stanwell Park observations (from the Bald Hill Lookout), along with local experience to decide if conditions are safe for hang gliding and/or paragliding in the Sydney area. 

All tandem passengers are required to make a phone call on the morning of their flight to get confirmation that their flight can go ahead. If you would like to keep your eye on the forecasts, and learn more about the weather conditions required then our Weather Links list page< is for you!

This page explains the wind conditions required at the hang gliding sites and also includes links to external weather websites, where you can read the latest weather predictions.

You may also be interested in following Curt on Twitter<, where he often includes weather updates.


Check the weather for hang gliding conditions in Sydney and Wollongong, NSW.

The weather forecasts and observations information helps our solo students & tandem hang gliding clients as well as local pilots with planning their hang gliding or paragliding flights at Stanwell Tops, and the Sydney area.


Winds required for hang gliding at our local Sydney South sites:

Bald Hill, Stanwell Tops: South to East breeze

TANDEM Hang Gliding : about 10 - 25 knots.     SOLO Hang Gliding: about 5 knots to 20 knots

Hill 60, Port Kembla: Northeast breeze

TANDEM Hang Gliding: about 15-25 knots.       SOLO Hang Gliding: about 10 knots to 20 knots


Click Here To Check The Weather Forecasts Links<


Hang Gliding Stanwell Park, Sydney NSW<

Photo by Curt in January 2010 above Stanwell Park, while the upper west winds and local on-shore seabreezes were converging, providing sensational light lift along the coast.  -Notice the calm seas and puffy clouds.

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